Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Photo Sweep App Review

Recently, I was made aware of a horrible lost "art", if you want to call it that. You see, about a month ago my Grandfather passed away, one of the greatest men I've had the honor to do life with , was suddenly gone all too quickly. The days following his passing, my mom, my aunts , cousins & I were scouring our photos to put together some of our favorite memories. Sadly, there were huge time gaps in the photos we could find. We had pictures from the 80's and early 90's, after that there were occasional photos from special occasions like weddings; but beyond that our pictures were very lacking.

It was so discouraging to not be able to put together more photos, from the memories that we knew were there. We soon came to the realization that we live in a world of such convenience , that has really taken away some of the luxuries. Instead of needing to carry a camera around & go develop film, we snap photos from our phone that fits in our back pocket. While its nice to always have something small on hand; our photos often just stay on our phone....we get a new phone and we either lose the photos or they move to our computer. The art of photo albums is almost completely gone.

So, what if we could easily fix this! What if there was a way to easily and frequently print over the memories that mean so much to us? Well there is, and it is found in an app called PhotoSweep.  What is PhotoSweep & how does it work?

1- register your account
2- put your cc on file, this is secure and will only charge when you have pictures in your queue.
3- select how often you want your pictures sent to you (ie. once a week, everyday, once a month, etc)
4- start taking photos and then select the ones you wish to have printed
5- the system will check your queue as often as you have selected and print and send the photos you have chosen
6- you'll receive your photos 2-3 days from when the "sweep" occurs 
7- you will see a charge on your card for the photos you receive and a small shipping fee
8- start taking more pictures and adding to your queue 

I had to try PhotoSweep out for myself, I was able to create my account in just minutes. Within a few more minutes I had 10 photos from my phone's gallery added to my queue. I sat my frequency to everyday & the next day the photos were gone from my queue and I awaited the arrival! 

 I placed my order on a Sunday & by Thursday I had my photos in hand. I was thrilled when they arrived & the quality was great! They will soon be hanging on our walls on in a photo album. I am so thankful for Photo Sweep , who makes it easier to have our memories in hand.

You can give PhotoSweep a try for yourself, just use the code open10 to receive 10 free prints!

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  1. This is pretty interesting! I do take a lot of photos and some I have actualy ordered to get printed from a phone. My kids would really enjoy this, especially my oldest who takes pics of the kids as much as I do

  2. This sounds interesting. My concern is, does it print everything you take pictures of, do you approve those that go to print? Because many times, I snap a pic of random things I don't want to forget, ideas for gifts, etc!

    1. Tiffany, It only prints the photos you tell it too :)