Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide - Hauck Go Kart

5 years old, 6 in just a few months. That's how old my Buddy is, and although I know that 6 is still just seems so grown up, like he's not a "baby" anymore. Him outgrowing baby-hood going into childhood shows in many ways , daily. One way that it's shown itself, is this year...for the first time, I can't think of anything to tell people when they ask "what does he want for Christmas"? Thankfully hes not a "want" kid, but his interests also just seem more grown the typical ball or car, aren't going to do. 

Where to look? You might remember that back in the early fall we were introduced to the company Hauck for Kids when we were sent the i'coo doll accessory set for our Sweet Pea. You can read that review here. From our past experience we knew that the Hauck brand was a quality one and we were thrilled when we were given the opportunity to receive the Superman Go Kart for Buddy.

When the Superman Go Kart arrived, I was really excited for Buddy to try it out. However, Thanksgiving and sickness shook those plans. So the box sat in our homeschool room for about a week, covered by a blanket. I knew we would be giving it to Buddy soon, but I didn't want him to see it until it was assembled. Thankfully, a Tuesday came where we had amazingly gorgeous weather for this time of year, Tuesdays are the day that Buddy and I are away for our homeschool co-op all day. SO Hubs got off of work this day and set out to put the Go Kart together before we arrived home. 

Hubs said the Go Kart was so easy to put together, it took him just about 15 minutes and he felt that it is constructed really well. When Buddy and I arrived home the Go Kart was sitting in our front yard, ready to ride! Buddy hopped out of the van and said "Whoa, what is that!!! Superman!!" , you see this gift really is just perfect for our little man. He is all about moving fast and superheroes. So a toy that incorporates those two things is really genius! 

We sat out for a family walk, and Buddy was able to figure out how to ride and maneuver the Go Kart in minutes. the race style pedals are the perfect size for his feet and so easy for him to push. The bucket seat allows for comfortable riding and the ball style brake allows for the perfect quick stop. Pair all of these great characteristics with the Go Kart's sporty 3 point steering for responsive , quick maneuvering and you have an amazingly well made & fun toy.

In just a short 15 minute ride we were able to see all of these great features in action. The steering handles so well with his boyish ways , and the brake allows him to stop while we catch up to him. This is a product that is really appreciated by the whole family, and it is so well made that I know our other children will get plenty of use out of it as well. The ages say 4-8 and I would say this is pretty accurate, our Lil Stinker who is almost 3 , tried to ride; but even at the smallest height adjustment it is too big for him. Buddy is almost 6, but very tall for his age and the last setting works well for him with still some room to grow.

The Hauck Go Kart retails for $229 in either the Superman or Batman style. All little kids have a "favorite" superhero and now they can ride in style together. One of you will win your own Superman Go Kart from Hauck. Please fill out the entry form below for your chance to win. This giveaway will end on Thursday 12/19, Good Luck.

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  1. They also make a Batman Balance Bike that my grandson would love to have! I'd like to win this go kart because my grandson would have a blast on it and it's unlike anything else the kids in the neighborhood have!

  2. My boys are at the perfect age for this toy. They love anything with wheels.

  3. My son would love this! He's a huge superhero fan and anything with wheels is a hit! :D

  4. I also like their Bat Man Balance Bike.

  5. Wow, what a neat idea, I love the fact that it works all the body parts, eyes, hands, feet, brain. I like the balance bike also. I think that is more of what I am looking for, for a special needs child. Thank you for the review.

  6. I love this because my 4 year old is a HUGE superhero fan!

  7. I would love to have the The i’coo doll accessories ‘Grow With Me’ set. I would love to win the Lighting Go Kart for my son because he likes cars and he would be amazed with this one.

  8. Thank you for the opportunity to win this for my son. He would absolutely be speechless to see this gift in front of him!

  9. I would love to win this one because it would get my child away from the TV and outside to play!!