Thursday, August 8, 2013

Learning Resources - Spin & Glow Building Set Review

 My boys love to build, whether it's blocks, or just rocks or sand. Taking something and creating something else out of it, is so much fun for their blossoming minds. 

Recently, Learning Resources launched a new building toy unlike any other. The new product, Gears! Gears! Gears! Motorized Spin & Glow Building Set ; includes 115 durable plastic gears, a power motor, flashing lights, glow in the dark stickers and more! The building set comes in a handy storage tub.

When our set arrived my boys couldn't wait to dig in and build! The building set is geared for ages 5+, Buddy just turned 5 in March and Lil Stinker is 2, they both love this toy. Lil Stinker isn't great at the building, but he loves to hand Buddy the pieces and push the button to make the motor go.  There are quite a few small pieces in the kit, so this is usually a toy that comes out while Sweet Pea is down for a nap.

Buddy will sit and build with this for over an hour, if you have a 5 year old; you know what a big deal that is! There are toys that Buddy enjoys and will want to play with often , but to find something that will keep his attention for a long period of time in one setting can be rare. All of the different pieces in this building set allows your little one to get really creative and Buddy loves this! Just the other day when he was building he said "Mom, I think this is how your brain works" , and pushed the button to make the gears go. 

This is also an activity that Hubs & I enjoy joining in on. It really is a fun toy and figuring out the different configurations is enjoyable for us all.  You can purchase this fun new item on the Learning Resources website for $54.99, for hours of fun!

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