Monday, July 8, 2013

Enlightened Ice Cream Review/Giveaway

It's summertime & there is nothing better than some cold ice cream at the end of the day. Okay, if I'm being honest, there is nothing better than cold ice cream during any season...but we'll pretend it's because it's so hot out. ;-)  Since we started eating a more natural diet one of the things we have chosen not to eat is store bought ice cream. When we want the tasty cold treat we make it from scratch. We love the flavor of homemade ice cream, but its not always convenient. 

Recently I was introduced to Enlightened: The Good for you Ice- Cream. Enlightened is packed full of protein, fiber and flavor while being light on calories, fat and sugar. This ice cream tastes great and is just what your body needs.

I have become a "label - reader" , when I go to the grocery store I read EVERY label to be sure that what I am purchasing is good for my family. I have also begun to do this when I am pitched to review food items on the blog. Reading labels and being so conscious about what my family eats is a hard task, because many products are just full of things that are harmful & it can get overwhelming. When I finally stumble upon something that is full of more natural ingredients it makes me a happy momma! I was thrilled when I found that all of the ingredients in the Enlightened Ice Cream are listed on the website. What's even better than that is they also have a description of  every ingredient, just incase you don't know what something is. I love this! 

I was sent a couple boxes of each flavor that Enlightened has to offer, fudge, coffee & orange cream. On the day that they arrived I was actually heading over to my parents with my family to go swimming , so we decided to take the ice cream along with us. Once we got out of the pool we tried the ice cream and there were mixed reviews. Buddy and myself tried the coffee ice cream and loved it! The flavor isn't an overwhelming coffee taste, but its good. My little Stinker, Hubs and my brother all tried out the orange cream, Stinker gobbled it up and said it was YUMMY; Hubs and my brother thought it was refreshing but that the flavor wasn't strong enough. The next day Hubs and I tried the fudge and we agreed that it was our favorite flavor! 

After trying each of the flavors I really enjoy them all. I do think the texture is slightly different from other ice creams, but its not a bad texture; just something to get used to. I find that with most "good for you foods" there is a slight difference that overtime you don't notice. I would highly recommend Enlightened Ice Cream because of the great flavor and the good for you ingredients. 

You can purchase Enlightened Ice Cream in several stores and the price ranges from $5-7 , depending on where you buy it. One of you will win a month's supply of Enlightened; 2 boxes of each flavor for a total of 24 bars. Please fill out the entry form below for your chance to win. This giveaway will remain open until Monday 7/22. Good Luck!

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