Friday, April 26, 2013

Spark Of Amber Review/Giveaway

 It has only been over the past year or so that I have started looking into more natural methods for pain relief. I was introduced the the healing properties of Amber with baby #2 during his teething and I loved it.  So I was thrilled to have the chance to receive some gorgeous Amber jewelry for baby #3 and myself!

 Spark of Amber offers a variety of authentic, stunning natural Baltic Amber pieces from Lithuania and the Baltic region. 

The first piece I chose to try out was something for myself. I chose one of the Baltic Amber Bracelets.

 First, I absolutely love the look of this piece, I love the contrasting colors and the unique shapes of each piece of amber. When my bracelet arrived I had just got over a cold and had a really bad ear ache, it was so bad that I am convinced I had an ear infection. However, with us trying to do things more naturally I didn't really want to go get an antibiotic so I thought maybe, just maybe the bracelet would help. Well after a day or so I hadn't noticed any difference, but my bracelet was loose fitting, so I thought that might be the problem. Just incase I emailed Julie, the owner, and she said yes, the bracelet should be fit so it lays on my skin. So I pushed the bracelet up my arm as far as it would go, about 3 inches below my elbow. I promise you, within a day my ear was feeling so much better!! Was it all the bracelet? I don't know, I was taking some probiotics as well, but I do think the bracelet aided in my feeling better.

 The bracelet I chose sells for $24.99 and I love it! The only thing I do wish is that it fit my wrist better so I wasn't always needing to push it up to fit well, it would sometimes pinch a little. But that was a small nuance compared to the amazing benefits I feel I receive from the bracelet. I tend to also get headaches a lot and I notice they seem to be much better if I wear the bracelet throughout my day.

 Now, onto what has made me fall in love with baltic amber and Spark of Amber products! Like I said earlier, I was introduced to baltic amber with baby #2 when he was teething. Well, sweet baby girl is now teething , has been for awhile, and I do have that same necklace that I used with baby #2, but I don't use it too often. I know a lot of people put the necklaces on their little ones and leave them on 24/7, but they just make me a little nervous. So I was thrilled to see that Spark of Amber offers teething bracelets.

 When the items arrived I put the bracelet on baby girls ankle under her jammies, and she slept 8 hours straight that night! I typically get about 4-5 hour stretches with her, so I was very impressed but thought maybe, just maybe it was a fluke. However for the next few nights she slept about 7 hrs straight. Then tragedy....we lost the bracelet! Ah!!! Its a little big on baby girl as she is very petite, so I always make sure its on her ankle versus her wrist and she is either in jammies or has socks over it. Well when I changed her one day it must of got stuck in the jammies and I didn't realize it. For the next few nights she slept about 4 hour stretches :( Thankfully just yesterday my 5 yr old found it!!!

 Honestly , having the bracelet for several days and seeing that baby girl was much less fussy with it, made me really miss it when it was gone. Having it back has been great! Baby girl slept much better again last night and was very happy throughout the day today.

 Spark of Amber has a variety of products that I think you will just love! One of you will win your choice of either a teething necklace or bracelet for your little one. Please fill out the entry form below for your chance to win, this giveaway will end Friday May 10th, Good Luck!

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