Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Squishy Snak Pak Review/Giveaway

Squishy Snak Paks Information:

  • Snack container you can fill it from the bottom, squish it out the top
  • Our product is made from BPA free materials and feature a choke proof cap along with a heavy duty zip closure. Fill it up with any creation your little one loves
  • Wash it and reuse it over and over again
  • the clear window on the back allows you to see the contents
  • Holds 1/2 cup of your creations
  • Ideal for use on the go
  • Fun for at home snacks
  • Great freezer storage for portioned baby puree's

 I don't know about your kids, but mine LOVE to have snacks when we are on the go. I always try to take healthy snacks with us, so I was beyond excited the first time I was in the store and saw applesauce in little to go kids love these, but my excitement over them quickly wore off because they are SO pricey!!

 Recently I discovered a great product called Squishy Snak Pak! Now,the excitement that I felt the first time I saw applesauce in pouches in the grocery store, tripled when I saw these neat little snak paks! Squishy Snak Pak is a reusable pouch to put smooth snaks in for your kiddos! There is a little seal on the bottom that allows you to fill this pouch easily. And I love the little window on the back so you can see what's in the pouch, perfect if one has yogurt for your older child and another has baby food in it.

 The first time we used these pouches and I told my oldest not to throw it away when he was done but to put it in the sink, he looked at me like I was crazy!! Then I told him we could use it over again and he got really excited! When I would buy the pre-filled pouches my kids would always want to eat them while at home, but because they are so pricey I always made them safe them for outings, I think they LOVE that they can now use them at home too!

 I also have made baby food for my two oldest kiddos and plan to do the same with our 3rd little one. My biggest complaint has been that when we are going out for the day I don't have a great way to store the baby food ,so I end up buying jars of baby food or when they are a little bit older I buy the pouches. Well now I know that I will be using the Squishy Snak Pak for on the go baby food! Its just so easy!! They hold about 1/2 cup of your product and your kids love using them!  I even have used these when I make smoothies for myself, I put a little in these for the kids and they think its great!!! What a wonderful way to get their spinach and fruits in em.

 Not only are these super easy to fill and for your kids to use, the clean up is just as simple! I simply put a small drop of dish soap in them and then spray water in them, then I open the bottom of the pouch and thoroughly rinse. :)

 I think you and your kids will LOVE the Squishy Snak Paks! You can purchase a 2pk for just 9.99 plus 4.99 s&h for US and Canada! You will quickly make this money back when you stop purchasing the ones in the store that are already filled with product and just get thrown out at the end of their use.
One of you will win a 2 pack of your own! Please fill out the entry form below for your chance to win, this will remain open until Wed. January 16th, Good Luck!

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  2. My son's favorite is Goldfish too or Cheezit too.

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  6. Currently, Breastmilk ;) Will be trying rice cereal and pureed food in the next week or so :)

  7. My 3 year old gets the pouch purees for snacks when we are out, he thinks they are a treat! Easiest way to get him to eat fruits/veggies! That is why these pouches are great, I can make my own puree!

  8. My kiddos love the squeeze packets. I normally buy earths best or plums organic.

  9. Cereal bars are a favorite, if they don't get smashed in my bag.

  10. My daughter loves the snack packs and Nilla Waffers!

  11. I normally get the pouches on sale, they love those! I would LOVE to be able to use reusable! I always feel bad throwing away those pouches! So much packaging!

  12. these are coo, any fresh make sauce (apple, pears, etc)