Thursday, January 3, 2013

After Christmas Cookies

 If you are like me , then you have a favorite Christmas cookie from when you were a kid. For me it is a Candy Cane cookie that my momma use to bake EVERY year! Now I have to tell you, when I was younger I did not step into the kitchen. I don't know why, my poor momma would ask me often to help her in the kitchen and it was just something that held no interest for me at all!! Well now, I love to be in the kitchen, cooking or baking it is something that I love to do!

 So , because of my combined  love for these great Christmas cookies and the fact that I love being in the kitchen now it has become tradition that my mom & I bake these together every year now, with my boys who love to help!

 Now this year, I thought these cookies would be missed. As I shared with you a few days ago, my family is taking the plunge to eat more natural foods. Now being that it was Christmas time, I was ok with baking cookies, with white sugar and white flour...but these cookies have red food coloring, and that is what held me up with these. So, I went searching for a solution and I found a great red food coloring on Amazon that is made from beets! So I got these ordered, but they didn't arrive until right before Christmas, so we didn't get to bake the cookies until after the Holiday. However, they are so delicious I still wanted to share them with you!

 Ok, because I am beyond tired...I took a picture of the recipe card instead of typing it out, you can see how well loved and used it has been over the years.

   My oldest son did a great job at helping my mom roll the white and red dough together to form the candy cane, while my youngest just liked eating the raw dough...we had to keep him occupied other ways!

And aren't these cookies just beautiful when they are all done!??!

  Every year they are just as good as I remember them being as a child, and now my kids love them just as much as I always have!

 What is your favorite childhood Christmas tradition that you have  passed down to your little ones?

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