Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Everything crusted chicken and sauce

 Today is that day where I REALLY need to get to the grocery store, the kids are out of almond milk, we have like 3 eggs left, we are down to one banana & I have no ideas for dinner! hubby's car decided not to start this morning so he had to take mine to work (which also led me to rescheduling my OB appt). Thankfully on the car front, my hubby is very handy and has got his car running and ready for tomorrow!

 When dinner time arrived tonight I knew I needed to come up with something, because I was NOT ordering pizza! So I got out some chicken breast and started rummaging the cabinets (you can always figure out something good for chicken). Well..I came up with a very simple solution....

 1) Cut up the chicken breast (I used 2 large and one small)

 2) Take some Everything Crackers from Trader Joes (we don't have a Trader Joes close by, but my hubby has one close to work and there are a few things from there that are must haves for me, this is one of them....but I am sure you can find another brand)

(crush these really well, I used my ultimate chopper)

3) Dip the chicken in a beated egg and then in the cracker crumbs, put in an oiled baking dish

4) Bake at 350 for just 20 minutes

While the chicken was baking I thought that I should make some type of sauce to go with this, but I didn't want anything with spices in it...because I felt the crackers would put enough spice on the chicken. SO I again started rummaging to see what I could whip up!

 We love a homemade alfredo sauce and I had everything to make it, so I thought I would whip up just a thinner version of that :)

 I don't have exact measurements because I just threw in what I had left of these this is all a guess.

 1) melt 2 tbls of butter in a saucepan

 2)  (normally I add garlic at this point, but again didn't think it necessary to have any added spice) add about 1 cup of heavy whipping cream, stir occasionally until lightly boiling

 3) add a little pepper and about 1/2 cup of parm, cheese , stir until thickened

this pic is before the cheese was added

 And because my hubby had to work over and didn't make it home till 7, when dinner was finished at 5 I had two hungry little boys and completely forgot to take a picture of our plated food....but this was delicious! The chicken with just a little sauce poured over it :) I served parsley potatoes and peas with it. 

 My youngest wanted more chicken and my oldest wanted more potatoes, with the sauce ;-) Any meal that my kids ask for 2nds is great!!

I did snap a picture of the chicken right before I put it away ;-)

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