Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cloud 9 Books Review/Giveaway

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about us

Over the last half-century, our fast-paced culture has radically altered the nature of the American family. Our children are required to grow faster and in doing so are faced with challenges in life that can be very difficult to over come. Unfortunately now a day their self esteem is exposed to a number of situations at school and in their everyday activities.
Cloud9World™ was created by mothers who developed a common language that helped them aid their own children during challenging times. The messages were simple, but results were incredible.
Thus, the Cloud9Kids™ collection was born. By instilling good thoughts, engendering good behavior and boosting the wearer’s self-esteem, Cloud9Kids™ products empower both children and parents to become better human beings.

mission statement

Cloud9Kids™, a division of Cloud9World™, is dedicated to raising our children’s self esteem by teaching them values that will help them become happier kids and better human beings.
The level of our children’s self esteem defines and shapes how well they are able to cope with the pressures of adolescence, and meet the challenges of adulthood.
Our children’s self-esteem informs every aspect of their life from the quality of their relationships to his or her success in school. Building self-esteem acts like a magic spell that transforms the child’s life and guides them toward a brighter future.

why do we have a giraffe in our logo?

Foresight and vision, the ability to see the big picture while remaining firmly grounded in the reality of the physical world. Giraffes have their legs firmly planted on the earth but their heads in the sky. This represents balance and the ability to progress.

 We received a Cloud 9 Book set (6 books) and we started reading them right away! We read one a night until we had read them all. We enjoyed every book, my husband and I love that they are reminding our oldest of great characteristics he should have; honesty, humor, unity, kindness, gratitude & joyfulness. Our son loves them too, each book includes a child and an animal that helps him or her learn the virtue that the book is centered around.

You can tell these have been loved already ;-)

 These books are great, but definitely geared for older children. The books are long and kind of wordy. Our oldest just turned 4 and he starts to get a little restless towards the end of the book, but he enjoys them enough to where he doesn't want us to stop reading.

  Cloud 9 also offers other products for kids based off of there books. They offer t-shirts, my favorite is the one that says "I am Brave, I do the right thing" based off of the courage book. They also offer placemats, such as the Compassion one which says "I care when someone is in need" and has the definition of compassion on it. They also offer fun magnet sets which are only 9.99 for a set of 6! (I might just purchase these as a fun stocking stuffer with another book set to match them!) I know its only April and I am thinking Christmas...crazy. For older kids they offer journals. And they also have cute ball caps with different virtues on them.
  Cloud 9 is a great company, I love what they stand for and what they are striving to help children learn. Also their prices are great! Just 19.99 for a Book set, which includes 6 books in a cute little case.  You can go check out their website and purchase any of the above mentioned products, and one of you will win a Book set of your own, just fill out the entry form below. I will leave this open until Thursday April 26th, Good Luck!

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  3. So many things to choose from, I also love the T-Shirts