Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Smart Blocks Review and Giveaway

Kristins Gifts designs and sells Children's Activities, Educational Toys, and Eco-friendly stationery products.
We design in house, manufacture with communities 
around the world (Nepal, Ukraine, India, China, Canada, US),
and exclusively distribute our products to the US and Canada.

Our team:

Kristina - Owner and Production Manager   +   Elizabeth - Sales Manager   +   Ourida - Graphic Designer (part-time)

Our company is committed to Fair Trade and respect towards Environment. Our Eco-Friendly stationery products are designed by our team in Montreal and handmade by the very special people in the beautiful mountains of Himalayas. The production of our Handmade paper takes time and patience as every step is done by hand - from the harvesting of the fibers and the drying of the paper sheets in the fresh mountain air to the silk printing of our cards and the careful binding of our journals. The methods have been passed from generation to generation, and each item is piece of Art, combining elegant design with a soft look and feel. 

Our presentation of these products before your eyes allows us to honor many skillful hands and kind hearts.

The paper is made from the fibers of the Daphne "Lokta" tree , which grows in abundance in the foothills of the Himalayas between the range of 1,800 to 4,000 meters in height. Lokta tree is a renewable resource and has the ability to fully regenerate within 6 years. Our paper is organic and biodegradable.

We design unique and memorable gifts for local and international fundraising projects and non-profit organizations. Our company is a proud supporter of many charitable causes because we believe in Giving. Please contact us for more information on Fundraising. Our company is committed to Fair Trade and the sales of our products support the livehood of the impoverished communities in the Himalayas.

 A couple weeks ago I was contacted by Kristin's Gifts to review two new products of theirs. The first is a silicone notebook.  This notebook is small enough for little hands and the texture makes it really desirable to little ones. The notebook is also really fun colors and has little closures on it, the design makes my guy think of lego's. He loves this little notebook, he has  a blast drawing and practicing his letters in it. Having his own little notebook makes him feel really special. :) I also really like the notebook, like I said its small enough for little hands so it would also be the perfect size to keep in my purse. I think this item is perfect for all ages!


 The next item they sent is called Smart Blocks &  Writing Trainer. We are in love with these Smart Blocks. It is said to teach children how to read & write 2-3 times faster than normal practices , by stimulating three senses (visual, tactile, and acoustic (sound) ). This tool also teaches math.
  My husband actually broke this out last week while I was out running some errands. He said that they worked on math and our oldest really loved it. We have pulled it out a few times since then and I have to say this is a great tool! The first thing he always does is find the letters for his name.

 Then we work on spelling other words. Its been a great teaching tool, it is very hands on so it engages his attention for a long time.

   We also really love this for the math aspect. Working on letters and words is something I have done a lot with him on my own, but I haven't worked on math too much with him yet, mainly because I didn't know where to begin. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this tool for this! Today we worked on learning "greater than's and less than's". We both had so much fun , and maybe its just my pregnancy hormones but I seriously got a little teary eyed when working with him. Working with your children and seeing that they are catching on is a great feeling.

  We definitely love both of these tools, especially the learning blocks! We will be using them often! We plan to start homeschooling this fall and I am so excited to have these as a tool to help us out! I would definitely recommend them to any parent.

 The Writing Trainer is great too. My son really enjoyed tracing the letters on it and then trying to write them on his own. His form is pretty good on his letters, but they are HUGE! So I think working with the smart trainer might help him with that.


  Kristins Gifts has been kind enough to offer 2 lucky winners there own set of learning blocks! Just fill out the form below! I will leave this open until April 11th. God Luck!

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  1. Here's our Smart Blocks & Writing Trainer VIDEO

  2. I know that our little baby Logan hasn't even popped out the womb quite yet but that doesn't mean we haven't thought about education. Living abroad in a country where English is not the first first language (or second or third for that matter) has made both my husband and I think about the future education with our children. We have purchased already a handful of books, DVDs, and flash cards in hopes to give our child a jump start on learning English here in Taiwan. I think these blocks would definitely be beneficial for his language development and can bridge the gap between some of the more advanced books we have purchased and the baby books, when the time comes. :)

  3. Voted and I'd like to win because I think it would be a great learning tool for my youngest son. cwitherstine at zoominternet dot net

  4. I'd love to win because I'm going to homeschool my 4 year old starting next school year.

    aniwilsonintx at hotmail dot com

  5. This will be a great learning tool for my son.

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    I'd love this because I love smart learning toys!

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  7. I would love this for my granddaughter

  8. I would love to win this for my daughter!

  9. I think this prize would be great for my granddaughter because she is at that age to be learning how to write.

  10. I would love this for my kids, especially my youngest to help with learning how to write. I also like the math part that will help my oldest too.

  11. This would be perfect for my niece!

  12. Voted and would love to win because my son Josh would enjoy these!

  13. This would be a great thing for my youngest son! (Corey Olomon)(