Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vortex Toothpaste Review/Giveaway-CLOSED

  If I had to list my oldest son's least favorite activities, right at the top you would find "brushing teeth". I don't know why, but recently he dreads getting his teeth brushed...it is a battle everyday. First off he is super independent, he wants to do EVERYTHING himself, so a lot of times I will let him try this job himself while I supervise, but he always wants to spit as soon as the foam begins to form and be done! We have purchased every brand of childrens toothpaste out there....or atleast I had thought....

 A few weeks ago I was contacted by retired dentist, Dr. Howard Wright. Dr. Wright has created the first color changing toothpaste just for kids. This toothpaste is called Vortex and we were asked if we would like to try it out, I was really excited to see if this would help make "brush time" more fun!

On July 16, 2002, high school chemistry teacher Dr. Howard Wright received a patent on a toothpaste for children that changes color while brushing. Vortex, as Dr. Wright calls it, acts as a timer that makes brushing fun and tells the child when the proper amount of brushing time has elapsed. "Most kids brush their teeth for only ten to fifteen seconds," says Wright, a retired dentist. "Vortex acts as a great visual aid that entertains the child as they brush for as long as a minute".

Health conscious Dr. Wright designed the new Vortex toothpaste with no additional chemicals; the color changes by individual color stripes mixing within the toothpaste, resulting in a new brilliant color. "The concept is simple but the results are tremendous," says Wright. Also, Vortex is made without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), a controversial detergent found in most brands of toothpaste. According to recent reports, SLS, the foaming agent in toothpaste, does little to actually clean the teeth and has been found by many researchers to cause up to ninety percent of canker sores in children.

 Before we received our toothpaste I watched the video about Vortex and my son who was looking over my shoulder said "MOM! We need to try that!" so my anticipation rose a little bit more as I became very hopeful that he would enjoy this toothpaste enough to atleast tolerate brushing his teeth.  A couple days later the toothpaste arrived in the mail and I could not have been prepared for his reaction. As soon as I opened the package he wanted to try it out, so we put a little bit on his toothbrush  and he immediately loved the colors, when you squeeze the paste onto your brush one strip is red and one is blue.... then he started brushing and he brushed for almost a minute! Which is AMAZING because I am not kidding you when I say he normally lasts for 15 seconds before he is wanting to spit.  So... finally when he did spit, he was excited to see that the toothpaste was now purple! :)

 That first day he brushed his teeth 4 times! I had to finally say "NO! You can not brush your teeth anymore." lol What a great problem to have. Now I will say, the novelty has worn off a week later, but there are no more battles when it comes time to brush. He willingly brushes or lets us brush his teeth every morning and night with no fight, he always grabs the Vortex toothpaste and tells me how much he likes it.  Vortex is most definitely going to need to become a staple product in our home.

 Vortex toothpaste is on the Parent Tested Parent Approved list, and its easy to understand why! You can  purchase Vortex toothpaste for just $6.95 a tube, buy 2 and you get a free toothbrush! One of you will win your own tube of Vortex toothpaste for the little one's in your life to try, just fill out the entry form below. I will leave this open until Thursday Dec 22nd, Good Luck!
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