Tuesday, December 27, 2011

David Landau Kids CD- Review/Giveaway-CLOSED

 My oldest son just loves music! He is always asking to listen to "his music" while we are in the car and at home I always have the radio on or a cd playing and we love to sing, dance and just have fun. My husband plays the guitar and has a wonderful voice, so we are just always singing. So when I was asked a few weeks ago to review David Landau's Rocket to the Moon CD for kids I was very excited to add some new music to our "kids cd collection".

  We received our CD and my oldest was very eager to listen just because of the cd case. He is really into space related stuff right now so this was really cool to him. I opened up the CD and put it in the cd player we keep in the toy room. Right away both of my boys started dancing along to these fun songs, yes even my 9 month old!

 So, what did I think? Let's admit it, a lot of our children's music can be really, really annoying to us parents. Well I didn't mind this cd, I will be honest like any other kids music I wouldn't choose to put it in my cd player, but for kids music it was not bad at all. The sound of a lot of the songs is a little more country than I typically enjoy ( I don't know that country is the right word, but its twangy?!?), but then again I guess that will help in raising my boys to be true West Virginia boys! ;-) Overall, the songs are a lot of fun and very catchy. Our favorite song to sing together is the Quiet Song, its really a lot of fun. We can be loud and silly and lets face it, our kids love when we just let loose and act silly with them. So I really enjoy this CD for that reason and so do my kids! I think David has done a wonderful job with this and has really provided a quality CD that kids and parents can enjoy together.

 So, how can you get your hands on this cd? You can purchase the cd for just $11.99 or you can download it for 9.99. One of you can win your own copy by simply filling out the entry form below. David does not have FB or Twitter, but you can keep up with him at his website http://www.happytrails.biz/. I will leave this giveaway open until Thursday January 5th. Good Luck!


  1. Music for Kids is another one of his CDs, we would love to check his material out, thanks!!!

  2. I would love to win this for my little girl