Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Scentsy Review & Giveaway=-CLOSED

 As a stay at home momma of two high energy boys I find it very hard to keep an organized home. Some weeks I do great , but other weeks I just can't seem to keep things in line. However even when my house might be a disaster I can keep it smelling good! :)

  I have always loved keeping candles burning in my home, but since having kids I find the only location I can safely keep a candle burning is on the stove and well that just becomes impractical when it comes time to cook dinner and such, so although I love candles...I have developed a deeper love for "tarts" or "melts" or "bars" whatever you call them...I think they are great. My only problem with them has been that I find after one day I have to switch out the wax to keep the scent strong enough to fill the house...even if I have a warmer on in the kitchen and in the main bathroom (and our house is rather small).

 About 9 months ago, when my 2nd son was born , I was introduced to Scentsy. I had heard of it before, but never used any of their products. My husbands aunt sent us a nursery warmer and some melts and I was impressed right away! I put one melt in the warmer and in about 20 minutes the smell had began to fill the house and after an hour it was actually a little too strong for my liking....but it lasted for days! So the next time I used it I used only a half of a cube and it was the perfect and lasted a couple of days. So I fell in love with Scentsy and purchased another warmer for our bathroom.

 SO... I wanted to share Scentsy with all of you, maybe some of you have never heard of it...or you are like I was and had heard of it but never tried it, or maybe you are like me NOW and LOVE Scentsy. Well I have come into contact with Kacee Tagtmeyer who sells Scentsy. She sent me the scent of the month for November which is Midnight Fig. Scentsy describes this scent as earthy, ripened figs and golden berries tempered by musky woods.

  What is the Scent of the Month? Each month Scentsy introduces a brand new fragrance and warmer that are not in their current catalog. These fragrances are offered at a 10% discount during their promotional month. Scent of the Months are available in Scentsy Bars, bricks, Room Sprays and Scent Circles.

   I really like this scent a lot, it seems to me like it is one of their stronger scents so I don't use much at all, but I like that because it will last me longer :) This scent really reminds me of Christmas & Winter....which is nice especially considering its been warm enough here to keep our windows open the past few days. Between having the Christmas tree up and this burning its feeling somewhat like Winter time.

 You can go to this link to purchase the scent of the month  and one of you will be lucky enough to win a bar from Kacee in Midnight Fig, just fill out the entry form below & Good Luck. I will leave this open until Friday Dec. 9th. . Scentsy will make great Christmas presents for anyone on your list. *During the month of January almost everything on the website is 10% off*

 ***If you are a Scentsy Consultant you are not eligible to win.****

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