Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rainy days call for creativity

Today was dark, dreary, rainy and cold! Aaaaannnnnnd it is supposed to be that way all week ;-) Day one of it and I already have cabin fever! Not good. I wanted to run errands today but wasn't eager to do so with both boys, so we stayed in all day. Days where we can't go outside make me anxious. Normally on rainy days I run around in the rain with Aaron, but we were all sick over the weekend so I decided today wasn't the day to do that. So I was trying to think of something creative to do with Aaron. This is what we ended up doing.....
We took 2 plastic cups and 2 balloons

then I cut off the very bottom of the cups and tied the balloons and cut the bottom of those as well

then I attached the balloon to the cups, pull them over as tightly as you can.

Then you use them to launch....something...at each other. The instructions I found for this said to use mini marshmallows, but we didn't have any, so we used craisins :)

We had a great time with these. For a while we just stood at opposite ends of the hall launching these, then we stood beside each other and had launching contests! Which made me think this would be a really fun inexpensive game for a birthday party. If you use those different colored marshmallows you would be able to easily tell who won. I think we might do this at the boys party this coming spring! :)


  1. Great Idea!!!

  2. Craisins....ouch!!!! But such a cute idea!!! My kids would love!!!!

  3. a great idea! SO much fun!!

  4. I love this! If we used marshmallows they would be eaten before we could play!