Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Building a Robot

My day's never seem to go as planned. I planned to get up this morning, relax a bit with my boys and then get some housework done, go to the grocery store, a planning meeting up at the church and then get dinner going and have some play time with my boys.....well...I woke up got my coffee and yogurt, then the boys woke. Micah (my 6 month old) had been awake shortly when I noticed he was tugging and rubbing his ear pretty good..he had been doing this yesterday as well so I decided it was time to call the doctor. We got an early appt....but it kinda put a curb in the whole day (thankfully no ear infection!), after his appt I stopped at Chick Fila and got lunch for my mom (who was watching Aaron), Aaron and myself, we ate lunch at my mom's house and then it was time for me to go the church. After doing that and picking the boys up from my mom's (which is always a long task, Aaron never wants to leave there) it was almost 5.

At 5:00 having only accomplished one thing on my to do list, I realized I was going to need to give up somethings on my list. SO I threw a quick dinner together and gave up on housework ( I did the dishes, thats it!) and obviously no grocery shopping today...but I did enjoy my boys! We were having a ridiculous storm so it was time to get creative!

I grabbed some stuff from around the house :

and told Aaron we could build a robot ,just like in his song, (see yesterdays post)! But first we needed to get Micah some toys (this was Aaron's job while I got all of our supplies together). Aaron thought Micah should be rather content with 3 spoons and some puffs! ha ha

So first, I turned the paper bag inside out. Don't get me wrong, I LOOOOVE Trader Joe's, but I felt there cute little bags left very little room for Aaron to decorate. Then Aaron drew circles for his eyes and I cut them out. Then I put some glue on his bag and he loaded it with cotton balls for the nose.

(I love how he sticks out that tongue when he is hard at work, just like his daddy and my brother)
then I let him have some fun with sparkles, or sprinkles as Aaron says. Then we cut out the mouth and then we took 2 toilet paper rolls and Aaron colored them. Then....Micah started to fuss, so Aaron, being the BEST big brother ever knew just what to do!!!
does't everyone give there baby a whole thing of puff's when he/she gets fussy?!?!
Now, back to the robot, I put little holes in the toilet paper rolls and then threaded them with string
then I put holes in the top of the bag, threaded the string through and tied it in a knot so they would stay on. These were his "antenna's" . And the robot was done!!! (ok, so he isnt pretty, but Aaron loves it!!) Seriously it didn't turn out how I anticipated, but Aaron kept saying "mom, this is so cool" or "mom, I am SOOOOOO excited" so it was totally what it needed to be, a memory for my guy! ;-)
Aaron then spent a good part of the evening running around calling himself Buzz Lightyear....I thought we made a robot, but apparently I was wrong.....

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  1. this is just too cute and it was really nice to see the little ones having fun putting there robot togethr :) thanks again for share @tisonlyme143