Thursday, August 19, 2010

Toddler Portrait

So over the past few weeks I have just felt horrible! I have been trying my best to get up and motivated during the days and then just take it easy when Isaac gets home in the evening. Aaron knows I dont feel good and he will say to me every afternoon "you happy, just not feel good?" and I will tell him yes, but when he asks why I just tell him I dont know.... I dont want him to relate my sickness in anyway to his new brother or sister.
Anyways... I have been trying to think of creative little things for us to do everyday just to get away from the normal routine, especially since my evening activity is limited. So here is today's activity, it was easy and a big hit with Aaron.
What you need:
-an old sheet (or a big piece of paper)

What we did:
I found an old sheet and layed it out on the kitchen floor and then Aaron layed on the sheet. I then took a permanent marker and traced Aaron's outline (getting your toddler to lay still may be the hardest part of this). After the outline was done Aaron got up and I drew his eyes, nose, lips , ears and hair & then made the outline of his clothes and let him color those in.

After this he told me what every body part was and we labeled it. Now the little masterpiece is hanging on the back of his door (oh the scissors are just to cut the sheet down some). All day he has been going back and looking at it and then telling me he wants to draw another Aaron..... well I think this might be a neat activity to do once or twice a year just to see how much he has grown.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Stealing Time

So tomorrow Isaac and I will celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary! WOW, where has the time gone. I look back over the years and our lives have changed so much, in a good way, but we have lost moments that we will never get back.

When we first got married it was, well, just us! We had so much free time! We could sit down after a long day of work and play board games, we could stay up till 1 in the morning watching a movie. We had 2 spare rooms! Our time was all about us, getting to know each other better and we had plenty of time to hang out with our friends.

After being married for about 3 1/2 years we were blessed with our first baby, Aaron Nathanael Coburn. He changed our whole world! If we were up till 1am it was because Aaron wouldn't sleep, shopping trips and eating out now had to be scheduled around nap time. Game time now consists of Candy Land and Memory. Isaac and I rarely have movie night because Aaron goes to bed at 8 and Isaac and I have a horrible time staying awake till 10. My day's consist of cleaning house, preparing meals, going over flash cards, reading books, putting band aids on boo-boos and so on. If we watch tv its normally Mickey Mouse or SuperWhy. If we go out to eat the request is always Chic Fil A. Times have changed , but I do enjoy every moment of it.

Now we are preparing for the arrival of baby #2 in early spring. We will no longer have a spare room (unless we have another boy, they will eventually share a room) so we are thinking more about selling our home and looking for something bigger, which is bittersweet, this home is where our lives together began. With baby #2, Aaron won't be the "baby" anymore, he becomes the big brother. My time will no longer be divided among God,Isaac, Aaron and home.... but God, Isaac, Aaron, baby and home. I wonder how we will all adjust? I am so thankful for the chance to be a mom to 2 children, I have loved every stage of my life with my family, but they go by way too fast.

Before I know it, it will be just Isaac and I again. I am thankful that I am married to a man who has shown me the love of Christ over the past 6 yrs. Isaac has truly loved unconditionally. He has forgiven me when I don't deserve it, he has been patient with me when I am unbearable and he daily seeks to find ways to love me. So I know, when it is just the two of us we will be incredibly happy and cherish that time..... but in the meantime I am going to cherish every moment with the family that God blesses me with, because somedays I just want to steal a little more time.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Real security

So the past two years have been full of ups and downs for us as far as Isaac's job goes. Since we have been married he has been very blessed with good jobs, but they don't last long. He worked for Lockheed Martin for about 3 yrs and through some unfortunate circumstances lost that job. He was only without work for about a month and got hired on with the FBI, which actually ended up being a better job, we were thrilled!! After a few months though he got layed off, so now he has been working for FEMA since March through a contract (and its been even better, the best job he has had yet) and just got word today that the contract is not getting renewed.... so as of August 31st he is without a job. When he called me to tell me I just began to panic. Thoughts of, how are we going to do this! Start rolling in. But I have to look back on all the hard times before and see how faitful God has been. It hit me when I told Isaac how thankful I was for all of the good jobs he had had, but I was so tired of contract work. I wanted him to have something with more security. While I do desire this, I realize all the security we need we do have!! God has been a great strength for us and I know He always will be! And no matter what, He will provide for our needs, and we always have each other! :)
So we most definitely would love everyone's prayers. Praying that in the next month something even better will come a long and if not that we will have peace and understanding.