Wednesday, December 30, 2009

GST #197

1) getting some house cleaning done and having a lot of help from Isaac

2) coloring with Aaron , its so relaxing for me & a great way for him to learn more colors, he got pink & brown today! :)

3) Aaron came in the bathroom while I was using the potty and he said "yay!! momma,go pee pee!!! yay!!" and started clapping (shows you how excited we get about him using the potty! lol)

4) Pastor Tim teaching youth group and Isaac doing music since Brandan was away.... revisiting the way things used to be done is nice sometimes

5) the way Aaron pushes my hair out of my face so he can kiss me goodnight!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

GST #196

1) an outing with Aaron (more shopping on returns!!)

2) resisting the urge to go to Sonic for lunch!! I looooove Sonic, but with Isaac not having a job.... not the smartest thing to do

3) playing play doh with Aaron

4) listening to Isaac sing praise and worship and Aaron singing along!!

5) laughing with my guys, Aaron likes to jump on Isaac, but he is so cute he will stand on Isaac then say "ready, seeeet, go!!!" and he will jump off then my mom called and asked him what he was doing and he said "gump, gump, gump!!! bonk!" because he had jumped then bonked his head on my leg!

Monday, December 28, 2009

GST #195

1) going out to make Christmas returns , I am thankful for presents that I dont really like (especially when Isaac doesnt have a job) because by returning them I can getting my shopping fix out without spending any money!!!!

2) moose crunch chocolate bar from Harry & Davids, seriously the most heavenly thing I have ever tasted!!!

3) pillow fights with my boys

4) playing wii with Jason & Isaac

5) comfy new boots

Sunday, December 27, 2009

GST #194

1) Aaron waking up at 6 to go pee and then going back to bed till 7:30 (i actually had to wake him up for church)

2) a great morning of worship :)

3) a wonderful lunch at mom & dad's

4) an evening out with my parents, we went to see a Christmas play at a local church, Aaron did really well the first hr but the 2nd half he wasnt making it, but the church has a playground inside so him & i hung out in there , he had so much fun and I had a great time meeting another mom

5) movie and popcorn with Isaac

Saturday, December 26, 2009

GST #193

1) Aaron waking up with an almost dry diaper and telling me he had to pee!!! (now if only we could get him to go back to sleep after that! lol)

2)playing with Aaron & his new toys

3) a day out with my mom & Aaron

4) Aaron going another day without an accident even when we were out all day!!

5) a quiet night at home with Isaac

Friday, December 25, 2009

GST #192

1) waking up and asking Aaron "do you know what today is??" and he said "JESUS!!!!"

2) watching Aaron enjoy his new toys

3) spending great time with family, (although Isaac wasnt feeling well most of the day :( )

4) Christ coming to this earth

5) Aaron going another day with no accidents!!!! YAY for potty training!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

GST #191

1) snow still on the ground the day before Christmas

2) baking cookies with my mom

3) Christmas Eve candlelight service

4) shrimp & oysters at mom & dad's

5) the joy on Aaron's face opening his presents from mom, dad, jason & aunt judy

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

GST #190

1) day 7 of potty training, I went out to a Mr Kirby's funeral with my dad while Isaac stayed home with Aaron, when I got home isaac said "you are going to be sho happy with Aaron" I said "what?" he said they were sitting in the living room and Aaron walked out and when he came back in he went to Isaac and said "pee pee" so isaac thought he was telling him he needed to go, so Isaac took him into the bathroom and Aaron had already peed and pooped on his potty!!!! YAY!!"

2) coffee and cookies!

3) getting some major house cleaning done

4) playing in the snow with Aaron & Isaac (we put Aarons slide in the yard and he loved sliding into the snow & he made his first snow angel)

5) great night at church, caroling with the teens then worship practice

(mom and dad watched Aaron tonight, I was nervous as to how he would do using the potty but he told them 3 times he needed to go and went each time! No accidents!!!)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

GST #189

1) running errands with my boys (there are many nice things about isaac being out of work, but we will rejoice when he finds a job!)

2) baking cookies

3) the reassurance that Heaven brings (we will greatly miss Earl Kirby but we rejoice in the fact that we will see him again)

4) fun with our Sunday School class

5) day # 6 of potty training, Aaron only had 2 accidents!!! He's getting so good!

Monday, December 21, 2009

GST #188

1) a day with my dad & brother

2) super supportive family

3) Chic Fil A

4) coming home to a clean house

5) a quiet evening with Isaac (we're getting a lot of these lately, but I am enjoying everyone!!!)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

GST #187

1) the smell of White Choc cranberry coffee cake baking in the oven

2) Isaac getting some help from a neighbor in shoveling the driveway (his snow blower made it happen a lot faster!!)

3) getting some house work done

4) for nap time I put a diaper on Aaron and when he woke up he was saying "pee pee" I pulled his blanket off him and he had pulled his diaper off so I thought Oh no he's peed everywhere, but everything was completly dry! So I said 'do you need to go pee?' he said "okay!" so he ran into the bathroom and went!! :)

5) playing in the snow! :)

* a great dinner at mom & dad's and while eating Aaron told us he had to pee!! :) However he has stopped pooping in the potty.... oh well I say he's doing great for being 21 months old!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

GST #186

1) waking up to some beautiful snow!!

2) Dayquil and tylenol (nasty headache today)

3) soup in the crockpot, did some experimenting with things on hand and it is YUMMY!!!

4) day 3 of potty training.... a couple more accidents than I would have liked but hes doing ok

5) a nap!!!! and again enjoying the snow ( i think we have about 2 feet!)

Friday, December 18, 2009

GST #185

1) Aaron telling us he needed to go potty!!! (5 times, unfortunatly 3 of those times we didnt get him there in time!)

2) SO I was going to encourage Aaron to go potty by telling him his friend Kasen goes potty, so I said "Aaron guess who uses the potty?" and he said "Jesus!"

3) cuddling with Aaron

4) homemade pizza (even better the 2nd day)

5) watching all 3 Santa Claus movies with Isaac

Thursday, December 17, 2009

GST #184

1) dancing with Aaron

2) great first day of potty traning!!! No accidents!!!

3) Big Mac snap wrap for lunch!! (my brother working at McDonald's really has its perks somedays!!)

4) Aaron getting to go to a Christmas program with my mom and brother

5) Pizza & Poker night with Keenon & Julie

GST #183

1) coffee, I was so tired all day!!

2) coloring and making snowflakes with Aaron & Isaac

3) getting a Christmas card and letter from Casandra

4) a wonderful talk with Chloe

5) my love of Reality tv and being extremely happy with the outcome of So you think you can dance!! ;-)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

GST #182

1) chocolate mint truffle coffee!!!

2) getting some housework done and wrapping Aaron's Christmas presents

3) Aaron and Isaac spending time with my brother while I accomplished the above!

4) going out to see Christmas lights and Santa with Aaron, Isaac and my mom & dad

5) relaxing and watching Elf with Isaac

Monday, December 14, 2009

GST #181

1) a relaxing morning watching Christmas movies

2) baking some yummy chocolate chip cookies

3) coloring time with my boys

4) making dinner knowing that Isaac would be able to sit down and eat with us

5) cuddle time with Aaron

Sunday, December 13, 2009

GST #180

1) Isaac and my brother taking care of chapel while I was home sick

2) Isaac making me some soup for lunch

3) Isaac getting a call from someone who works directly with the FBI telling him that they were "furious" that he got laid off and they were looking to find him another job! :)

4) visiting with mom and dad

5) so much quality time with Isaac, working nights has been so hard on him, its so great to have him doing stuff with us and not being so tired all the time!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

GST #179

1) this morning Isaac got his hammer out to fix his drawer and he asked Aaron to come "help" and Aaron see's the hammer and he says PAT!!! Isaac's response "this is actually a hammer, Manny is trying to make you stupid!"

2) coffee , seriously when I sleep in I need more coffee than if I just get up early (i think thats a sign of getting old)

3) Isaac getting some of the garage cleaned out

4) baking cookies with my boys

5) Isaac having more time with us, today he said "i feel like I am just getting to know Aaron" its been hard with him working nights since Aaron was born , so now that he is at a place of looking for a new job we are praying that one comes soon but also praying for day shift if thats what God would have for us!

Friday, December 11, 2009

GST #178

1) knowing that God is good, even in the things that we dont understand

2) being able to rejoice in the hard times with my amazing husband

3) getting all of the laundry and some cleaning done

4) time with Julie and watching Kasen and Aaron play

5) Isaac being able to help Keenon with his car

* generous friends (thanks Miss Amanda Cannon!)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

GST #177

1) Aaron seeming to get a back on track with his sleeping till 7:30!!

2) watching a hallmark Christmas movie with Isaac

3) so a lot of times when I am doing something Aaron will look at me and say "all done!!" and I'll say "almost" well today I asked him to pick up his toys and he starts and he looks at me and says "all done, almost!" and then finishes cleaning up! lol

4) catching up with Pamela

5) knowing that God had an amazing plan even during times that we dont understand!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

GST #176

1) sleeping in

2) the beautiful snow laying on the ground and the fact that its no longer on the roads, so after Aarons nap i can safely make a trip to the post office (need stamps to mail out our Christmas cards and to mail out Lovely's computer cord)

3) coloring with Aaron and making paper snowflakes

4) Isaac giving Aaron his bath and doing bed time while I relaxed with some hot cocoa

5) some orange juice to soothe a sore throat

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

GST #175

1) coffee and tylenol to get rid of morning headaches

2) getting a good deal on Aaron's Christmas present

3) a short nap this afternoon

4) a good evening out with mom and Aaron

5) making it home safely, I despise driving in the snow, it took me over an hr to get from Hagerstown to Inwood

Monday, December 7, 2009

GST #174

1) Isaac keeping Aaron while I got the grocery shopping done

2) time out with Julie without the kids (even if it was just to the grocery store, lol)

3) Aaron taking a long nap and me fitting one in too

4) coloring with Aaron

5) when walking out of Aaron's room tonight he said "momma" so I turned around and said "what buddy" and he said "ove you" !!! oh how i love him!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

GST #173

1) a wonderful weekend catching up with friends

2) helping with the 4 & 5's at church

3) a relaxing evening at mom and dad's

4) listening to Aaron sing a long with Christmas music

5) the happiness Aaron has about going to bed!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

GST #171 & 172

1) Aaron sleeping in till 9

2) Lovely and Dayna arriving safely

3) catching up with old friends

4) yummy dinner (new easy recipe)

5) a night of laughs (apples to apples)


1) waking up to snow

2) watching Aaron & Isaac play in the snow

3) Viva for lunch

4) Sheetz holiday blend coffee

5) being told by someone they would give anything to have someone look at them the way Isaac looks at me, I know I am so blessed but sometimes its easy to not see the little things that really mean so much

Thursday, December 3, 2009

GST #170

1) so this happened yesterday but I forgot to put it on here, so Aaron is obsessed with closing all the doors, but then he cant get them back open. so yesterday I was cleaning the bathrooms and I walked out of one to put the rags in the wash and next thing I hear Aaron crying "mommma!! momma!! " so I walk back and see he has closed the door ,so I go to open it and he has also locked it!!! ugh!! I was so nervous because I couldnt find any of the little keys to get it open (our doors have just a little circle hole in them so when we bought the house each door had a key above it, dont know how we lost them all) so in panic I wake Isaac up and he doesnt even have to stop to think about how to do this, he goes grabs a pin, pulls it apart and sticks the ink part into the hole and the door pops open! Aaron gives me a big hug and Isaac goes right back to sleep! lol

2) last night Aaron had a rough night, by midnight he had woke up 3 times so I finally just brought him to bed with me and it was nice just cuddling with him, however by 4:30 I put him back in his bed cause that boy is all over the place!!! I dont think I have ever been kicked so much! lol

3) night out with Isaac, even if we didnt get to see the movie, it was fun!!

4) chocolate ice cream

5) waiting for Lovely and Dayna to get here (they'll be here tonight, but I might be asleep! lol)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

GST #169

1) the smell of laundry drying on a cold day

2) Aaron pointed to his boo boo and his leg and put it up to Muffins face and made a kiss noise and said "ank you, kiss!"

3) falling asleep on the couch while watching tv while Aaron napped (nothing better than a 20 minute unexpected power nap!!!)

4) i asked Aaron if he wanted to watch Mouse or Christmas (veggie tales) and he said "kissma" then I asked him again but with Christmas first because normally he just repeats what you say last but he said "kissma" again so I went to put the DVD in and I guess I was taking to long because he came over to me and put his hand on my shoulder and said "momma" so I looked at him and he said "kissma!!!" lol

5) seeing how much my parents enjoy Aaron

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

GST #168

1) getting my Christmas wreath hung, and lights put up outside!! :)

2) Aaron's face when we picked up Muffin from my parent's house, he couldnt stop grinning and hugging and kissing her. lol

3) getting some housework and laundry done after vacation

4) a visit from Julie

5) ice cream and catching up on shows

GST #162 and more

so the past few days we have been in Maine and I decided to take a break from all things internet while we were there, so everyday I just wrote my GST down and now I am putting them all up

Wed GST #162
1) McD's coffee (isaac was exhausted so I was in the drivers seat 12 out of the 14 hr trip)

2) safe travels

3) portable dvd player (thanks Julie)

4) alertness for the long trip

5) seeing family

Thursday GST #163
1) thanksgiving dinner

2) playing board games, learning speed scrabble

3) Aaron driving the battery powered jeep and laughing with Jordan and Abi as they all took turns

4) Aaron's love of marching around the kitchen with his Grammie

5) trying pastrami for the first time and loving it!!

Friday GST #164
1) Jordan couldn't understand what Aaron was saying so she said to Becky "momma, Aaron is speaking spanish!"

2) Lorna and Brad taking Aaron and Jordan & Abi to McDonalds for Happy Meals, Aaron came back said "had fun" as soon as he saw me

3) a 5 hr game of Trivial Pursuit (not that I enjoy playing that game for that long, but having the ability to play for that long because I had a break from everyday life was nice)

4) making my first Christmas wreath with Lorna, Becky and Ruth

5) seafood casserole (YUM!!!) Cant wait to make it!!

Saturday GST #165

1) helping prepare for Sydney's first birthday party

2) chocolate cupcakes!!

3) naps!!!

4) vitamins, (everyone was getting sick)

5) woodstoves and lanterns (the power went out for about 5 hrs or so but because of those 2 things we were still able to have heat, food and light!)

Sunday GST #166

1) visiting Isaac's home church :)

2) getting some books for Aaron for free

3) a trip to Renny's

4) a safe start to our trip (normally I would also put Tim Hortons coffee here, but unfortuntaly it tasted like 2 day old burnt coffee!!! that was a bummer)

5) visiting Isaac's Aunt Ann and Uncle Steve in Boston and being able to get some sleep

Monday GST #167

1) getting an early start, (we were on the road by 5 am)

2) Dunkin Donuts Yum coffee and wrap!!!

3) stopping at a McDonalds wtih a play place so Aaron (& isaac) could play

4) Aaron keeping himself so content in the car ( he would take his blankie cover his face, and say "aron, aron" and then pull it down and say "Boo!!" , then he would take his stuffed Plex and pat him on the head and say "duck, duck, gooose!!!" lol

5) getting home safely, getting some laundry and cleaning done, catching up with Julie and watching some shows that I had DVR'd