Saturday, October 31, 2009

GST #138

1) sleeping in

2) a surprise visit from my Aunt Judy

3) a little rain, but stopping by trick or treat time

4) Aaron enjoying his trick or treat time

5) movie night with Isaac :) (Swing Vote)

*Isaac putting on a mullet wig to go get me a free sundae from DQ

Friday, October 30, 2009

GST #137

1) Aaron trying to make muffin blow her nose into his tissue

2) listening to Isaac and Aaron play legos

3) Aaron calling Muffin "mess"

4) Aaron grabbing my hand and taking me to his room and pointing to his legos and saying "pay?" (play)

5) so yesterday Kasie and I made Peanut Butter Balls and today I gave Aaron a bite of one and after he swallowed it he said "ooohhh" lol what a good kid, he already understands the greatness of chocolate and peanut butter together!

*getting dressed up with my boys

Thursday, October 29, 2009

GST #136

1) Aaron reading a book to Elmo

2) catching up with Isaac's mom and dad

3) chatting with Becky for a bit

4) making plans to go to Maine for Thanksgiving

5) great homemade pizza and fun with isaac & kasie & brandan

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

GST #135

1) Aaron tripped and said "ouch, my toes" while this isnt something to be happy about, it was his first real sentence and I was excited! ;-)

2) finding Aaron a cute pair of thanksgiving pajamas and a cute shirt to wear on Christmas Day for a total of $12 at Kohls!!!

3) so while I went shopping Aaron stayed home with his Uncle Jason so I was showing him his clothes and he wanted "ahhh" it was so cute!

4) great small group at church (a church who is crazy in love with God SERVES!!)

5) good chat with my mom

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

GST #134

1) getting a workout in 2 days in a row, getting back on track slowly! ;-)

2) new tart melts (they make the house smell so yummy)

3) eating dinner with my boys (isaac's sleep/work schedule doesnt allow us to do this everyday and I love it when were able to)

4) phone call from Kim

5) Aaron loving bedtime routines

Monday, October 26, 2009

GST #133

1) so I went back to the bedrooms to get our laundry and I come out into the kitchen and Aaron is sitting at the table eating a fortune cookie, he sees me and he bows his head and then looks up at me and says "a men" and continues to eat! it was the cutest thing ever!

2) waking up without a headache after 3 days of having one

3) a visit from the Raines ladies :) (watching cate and chloe playing with Aaron is priceless for me thinking that 12 yrs ago I started watching them, crazy how time goes by so quickly)

4) getting laundry accomplished

5) we had breakfast for dinner and Aaron finished his sausage and fruit and about 1/2 of his pancake and he wanted more sausage and I said "no, you need to finish your pancake" and he tilted his head and said "peAse" it was so cute and funny, and he did get more sausage (but he still had to finish that pancake first)

*Brownies and Say yes to the dress with kasie

Sunday, October 25, 2009

GST #132

1) catching up with Shannon a little bit at Reach

2) getting compliments on my hair on days where i think it looks like junk

3) chinease for lunch

4) m&m's (i forgot how good those things are)

5) so Aaron is a little scared of the dark (just when were outside) at night he will cling to me like their is no tomorrow. While I hate that he is afraid I just love that he feels so safe in my arms

Saturday, October 24, 2009

GST #131

1) having the windows open

2) mom and dad being home from their vacation

3) spending time with Isaac

4) visiting with mom & dad

5) watching mom and dad light up over Aaron

GST #130

1) sleeping in

2) waking up to a clean kitchen (i have a great husband!)

3) Sonic Choc Chip Java chiller with Kasie

4) decorating for the 5th quarter party

5) big hugs from Aaron

Thursday, October 22, 2009

GST #129

1) so the day starts with a story: yesterday Kasie and I went to Target, I was trying on some clothes so her and Aaron went for a stroll through the store, when I met up with them Aaron had Plex in one hand and FuFa in the other (if your kids watch Yo Gabba Gabba you will understand this) so Aaron is loving on these crazy characters, so we are getting ready to leave and I said "Aaron we need to put one back and you can keep the other" (they were $5.99 each, not in our budget) so he proceeds to throw a small tantrum about this so I told him "sorry, now we are not going to get any today" when I took the 2nd one away he simply said "plek, plek" I said "no buddy not today , we dont throw tempers" and he was fine with this. So today I had to go back to Target to get him a shirt for under his Halloween costume and we walk in and he says "plek!" I said "no bud i dont think we are going to get Plex today" and he was just so good, he didnt say another word about it and was so content through our shopping that I thought oh I need to go get it for him . So i went and found it and snuck it in the cart & onto the conveyer belt without him seeing it, but oh when the cashier rang it up, I wish I would have had my camera his eyes got huge, his mouth dropped and he said "PLEK!!!!" the cashier handed it to him he hugged Plex and had the biggest smile! That was totally worth the $5.99 even if I did take it out of our blow money!!! :)

2) play time and lunch in the park with Kasen & Julie (Aaron chasing Kasen and yelling "KAKEN!"

3) getting a lot of cleaning done, and Aaron "helping me" I took everything out of the main bath and cleaned the floor, then the sink and when i was cleaning the toilet he started carrying everything back in, it was so adorable!

4) yummy dinner with the Thomas' cooked by Kasie :)

5) the smell of fresh bread baking!!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

GST #128

1) getting two new shirts (& staying in budget while doing it) :)

2) beautiful weather!!!

3) taking Aaron to the park with Kasie, he had so much fun he literally dove into the tube slide

4) Starbucks caramel Frappucino (the last use of my birthday gift card)

5) Aaron talking to my mom on the phone, they are still out of town and he talked to her twice today for like 20 minutes each time, he just talked & talked & talked, lol Then about an hr later he came up to me handed me my phone and said "call mamaw" lol

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

GST #127

1) heating pads!!!!! :)

2) Isaac taking care of Aaron fully from the time he got home until Aaron went down for his nap at 1:00

3) God's blessings, somedays I am overwhelmed at how good He is, today I was just looking at Aaron thinking of how blessed I am & I can't even imagine life without him and its crazy to think that 19 months ago he was just getting ready to make his appearance into this world, how can we look at these precious miracles and not see how great God is!

4) Aaron saying "bey momma" (obey momma) yay! he's learning!!!

5) getting encouragement from friends (thanks julie :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

GST #126

1) beautiful weather

2) Isaac running errands for me

3) selling a good bit of stuff on Craigslist (money to go to NY in a few weeks and some for savings!! YAY!!)

4) a yummy dinner with my brother and Aaron (Aaron is a great eater, but not a huge fan of pasta and he ate two big ravioli tonight!!)

5) a visit from Kasie

Sunday, October 18, 2009

GST #125

1) great #'s at Reach

2) apparently Aaron thought our prayer at dinner time went too long because half way through he said "AAAAAAA MEN!" lol

3) finding some cute Christmas gifts for Aaron at great prices!!!

4) a call from mom and dad (their in AL for the week)

5) being able to loan my maternity clothes to Julie (yay that she has popped out!!) lol

GST #124

1) rainy days

2) doing fun crafty activities with Aaron and seeing perfection through his eyes instead of my own

3) baking peanut butter cookies

4) hot apple cider

5) movie night with Isaac

Friday, October 16, 2009

GST #123

1) sleeping in

2) Aaron saying please and thank you without being cued (it only happened twice today, but I say thats progress!)

3) time to read a good book

4) wisdom from other godly parents

5) making pizza with my guys

Thursday, October 15, 2009

GST #122

1) the smell of apple cider doughnuts baking and then eating them! deelish!

2) Aaron's excitement when Yo Gabba Gabba comes on and his interaction during it

3) soft blankets on cold days

4) hot chocolate

5) potato soup

* the best of the day, I was scrapbooking and Aaron was watching Gabba, and he was sitting behind/beside me on the sofa and he pulled me back to him and just hugged me tight, then everytime I would lean forward he would do it again, needless to say I didnt get much scrapbooking done but cuddling with him is so much better!

GST #121

1) lazy days

2) naps

3) good movies

4) Isaac taking care of Aaron when I dont feel well

5) waking up feeling a lot better!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

GST #120

1) the smell of pumpkin butter cooking

2) being able to have the windows open again

3) pumpkin banana choc chip muffins (Seriously I think I was in the kitchen 90% of today)

4) so for the past week or so Aaron has been calling his blankie "bin" and we just thought maybe that was how he said "blankie" well today it got really dirty and he looks at it and says "bin, what happened?" so I said "its ok, momma will wash it, you can sleep with this blankie" he fussed a little but then picked up the other one and said "blankie" so apparently his blankie is bin for some reason! lol

5) a dinner where Aaron keeps saying "more pease"

*playing blocks with Aaron, I ran over his little alligator with his car and said "oh no" well he thought it was hilarious and spent the rest of our play time running over the alligator! lol

Monday, October 12, 2009

GST #119

1) my GT Express and stuff to make a yummy omelette for breakfast in it

2) making smart $ decisions, its feels good, and consulting Isaac before buying things not on my list was a good feeling too and it felt even better when he expressed how thankful he was

3) Aaron dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba!

4) Isaac's days off!

5) fun dinner and game night with Kasie & Brandan (in exchange for our normal Thursday nights since Brandans mom and grandma are up for a visit)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

GST #118

1) great Reach service, even though we had to do last minute changes for our songs, God is good and it was a great morning!

2) listening to Isaac and Aaron in another room conversating with each other, I am truly blessed beyond measure!!

3) COFFEE!!!!

4) playing tee ball with Aaron, everytime he would miss or the ball didnt go far he'd say "oh man"

5) Aaron was sitting on his little ride on toy and leaned over for a minute or so and when he raise his head he said "amen!"

Saturday, October 10, 2009

GST #117

1) laundry out of the dryer on a cold day

2) Aaron has started saying "oh!" when I tell him something, its so cute!!

3) having good friends that Aaron adores several times through the day Aaron will go through the names of our family members, he'll just randomly say "momma, papa, mawmaw, ason, pappi, (and he always includes) brandan, kakie"

4) a fun day at some pumpkin patches, Aaron loved the animals, especially the cows, when we were leaving he said "bye bye cow. moo"

5) we went to a furniture store with my mom and Jason and they had cool little cars that your kid could be pushed in so Isaac was pushing Aaron in a little taxi and he looooved it!! he kept steering the wheel and taking our keys and acting like he was putting them in to start the car

Friday, October 9, 2009

GST # 116

1) Aaron sleeping until 7

2) a wonderful visit to Target (after Aarons temper the other day I was nervous to go back, but he did AMAZING!!!)

3) movie time with Kasie

4) night out with the girls

5) coming home to relax with Isaac

Thursday, October 8, 2009

GST #115

1) Aaron waking up super happy, even if it is at 6:00

2) Aaron was playing with his see & say and its a farm one so its sings old mcdonald and he started singing the "e i e i o" part! So cute!!!

3) good checkup for Aaron

4) Aaron being able to get a flu shot (which also meant there were no fights about him getting his other vaccines, because they know we only do one or 2 vaccines an appt!)

5) a phone call from Mr Scott Foreman, I love talking to people from WOLBI and he gave some great advice.

* playing peek a boo with Aaron before bed, quality time with Isaac, fun night with Kasie and Brandan

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

GST #114

1) being able to sleep in a little bit

2) orange juice! I hate having a cold!

3) cuddling and watching "Handy Mannys motorcycle adventure" with Aaron

4) a yummy dinner with my boys

5) putting Aaron to bed while he is super happy!!! I love when he is at that stage of tired, but not so tired and makes him extremly happy!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

GST #113

1) Aaron trying to walk in his papa's shoes

2) Aaron and muffin playing together

3) surviving Aaron's first full blown temper tantrum out in public, I hate when people stare, seriously please tell me if your child has never thrown a temper!! ;-)

4) baking some yummy pies with Kasie

5) sit down talk time with the hubby, with such busy days it seems we dont get enough of that!

Monday, October 5, 2009

GST #112

1) going to Target and walking out with only the things on my list!! :)

2) not getting a headache even with this nasty knot in my shoulder

3) playing outside with Aaron

4) a good massage from Isaac to get this crazy knot out

5) Aaron just being Aaron! lol I love his cute randomness, today he pointed the the counter and said "bread" so I gave him the roll off the counter and he said "no" so I picked him up so he could show me what he wanted and he leaned over and opened the door to the toaster oven and threw the roll in there, once it was heated he was very happy to eat it! lol

GST #111

1) great morning of worship

2) Aaron being so goofy, I think he gets a lot of cookies in nursery! lol He was so hyper after morning and evening church yesterday!

3) a new red coat!!

4) a yummy dinner, fried ravioli (thanks Kristin for the recipe)

5) playing ball with Aaron

Saturday, October 3, 2009

GST #110

1) sleeping in

2) yard sales!

3) Aaron discovering the fun of stickers!

4) Dad buying me some apples from the market

5) a super sweet email from Shannon, old & dear friends are GREAT!! God is soooo good to me!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


1) Aaron singing to the radio, the song said "your grace is enough for...." and Aaron says "me!!!" so cute! love him!

2) going to Orr's I seriously love that place (even on days when there cashiers are NASTY RUDE!!!)

3) getting some more of my fall decorations out

4) a delicious meal with friends

5) laughing so hard I cried with Isaac, Kasie & Brandan

GST #108

1) Aaron sleeping until 7:45!!!

2) headache going away quickly!

3) chicken caesar wrap for lunch

4) Aaron taking a 2 1/2 hr nap and waking up super happy!! and he pee'd and poo'd on his potty!!!!

5) a beautiful day and getting out to take a walk!