Monday, August 31, 2009

GST #77

1) waking up to Aaron ruffing like a dog

2) Aaron making me laugh (he put his stuffed turtle in the refrigerator this morning)

3) a yummy breakfast with my boys, we had sausage, scrambled eggs and coffee cake (the kitchen smelled yummy)

4) a fall like morning, Aaron wanted to play outside and we had to both put sweaters on!

5) finally getting a few things listed on ebay

Sunday, August 30, 2009

GST #76

1) getting out of bed by 7 (was up since 4:30 off and on) and getting breakfast made for SS class (that was a hit), getting my beans together for the dinner and getting a load of laundry done all before church

2) taking Aaron to SS and him walking right in sitting at the table where Mrs Rachel was reading them a story (no crying!!!!)

3) "moving up" dinner for Pastor Tim (we have been truly blessed to have such a faithful man as our youth pastor for the past 20 some yrs, seriously where else does that happen! So excited to see all that God is going to continue doing through him

4) great Praise and Worship night at church and good planning meaning, preparing for our new youth pastors arrival

5) a really great, even though short, visit with Becky and the girls, it was so fun watching Aaron play with his cousins and I love catching up with Becky

Saturday, August 29, 2009

GST # 75

1) waking up at 6:30 and Isaac having most of the yard sale stuff out and coffee made!!

2) selling our recliner (so it was one of the 3 things we sold, but I am soooo happy its gone, making room for our new furniture to come!)

3) getting lots of clothes for the fall & winter for Aaron for cheap!! (thanks Gillian!)

4) outings with Cherie

5) dinner at Viva and trips to town with mom , dad and Aaron while Isaac was at his golf tournament

Friday, August 28, 2009

GST # 74

1) Aaron sleeping until 8:30

2) Aaron spending time with his Uncle Jason

3) dinner and girl time with Julie

4) Aaron and Kasen making funny faces at each other (even though they were supposed to be eating, it was so cute)

5) rain

Thursday, August 27, 2009

GST #73

1) coffee cake for breakfast

2) aaron putting ketchup on his arm and then pointing to it and saying "boo boo"

3) Aaron going "poo" on the potty!!! we are slowly making progress!!! i think soon it might be time to buckle down and get him trained!!

4) watching Aaron run and throw balls through the gym at church during praise & worship practice (after he made him hold him for the first 45 minutes!)

5) Aaron saying "AMEN" at the end of prayers

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

GST #72

1) Going to Playnasium with Julie and Pamela with our kids!

2) Being a stay at home mom (and its so nice to have close friends that do the same)

3) new coffee creamer! white choc mocha (add a little caramel syrup and its Starbucks at home!!)

4) having a good chat with Cherie

5) great turn out tonight for getting this new church service started!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

GST #71

1) good deals and good lunch with Shannon

2) Aaron holding baby Cheyenne's hand

3) cooking and serving a yummy dinner!!

4) Aaron's small hand in mine

5) watching Aaron crave his me ma's attention

Monday, August 24, 2009

GST #70

1) Peach Puff Pancakes, new recipe, it looked really gross but it was so yummy, Isaac and I both loved it and Aaron kept asking for more!!

2) getting up and out of the house early, it feels great to have all errands done by 10:30!

3) Aaron watching Aaron for a few hours while I tried to get over my headache

4) watching Aaron eat chocolate pudding, he licked the container clean!!

5) Aarons potty adventure today : he came up to me and pointed to his diaper and said "poo poo" I said "did you go poo poo, you need a clean diaper" he said "no" I said "do you need to go poo poo, you want to sit on your potty" and he ran to his potty, well i took his diaper off and uh yeah he was poopy already!! too late! lol

Sunday, August 23, 2009

GST #69

1) Aaron walking into nursery and playing, he gave me a kiss buy and didnt cry when I left!!!

2) making scratch and sniff's with the kids in chapel (the smell reminded me of fruit stripe gum!!)

3) watching almost a whole movie while Aaron napped

4) comforting Aaron, he loves Yo Gabba Gabba, but not today, Jack Black was on there and Aaron is not a fan of beards, so he would cry everytime he saw him :(

5) all around good night with Aaron, *story time* we have been pretty busy since Thursday so Aaron hasnt really been getting naps, so I decided I was going to have him in bed by 7:30 tonight, well around 6:45 I put him in the tub he got his bath and played for a little while, when I got him out he went to his potty (i thought, oh maybe he will go pee) I walked right out of the bathroom to let the dog in, well by the time I got back Aaron was in the living room so we went to his room I got him dressed, brushed his hair and so on, then we sat in the rocking chair and started reading "one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish" well I was about 1/2 way through the book and Aaron said "mama, mama?" I said "what baby, are you tired?" he nodded so I put the book down sang Jesus loves me and prayed, as soon as I said Amen he hopped down and walked over to his crib, I picked him up gave him a big hug and kiss and put him in bed. Then I went to clean out the tub, when I walked in the bathroom I saw pee in his potty!!!!!!! Oh I was so happy, I went back into his room and said "buddy, you peed in the potty and mama didnt know it! Good job I am so proud of you!!" and he just got the biggest smile on his face!!! Oh I am so happy!!! i love my boy!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

GST #68

1) The Christmas Tree shop (fun stuff for CHEAP) I bought some really cute decorative pumpkins I see them every time I go to Lancaster but they are like $30-$50 and they were only $9.99

2) Chic Fil A

3) mom and dad having a car seat for Aaron (no more moving our's around!!)

4) playing with play-doh with Aaron for the first time (he loved it!)

5) big sales at Kohls, got some cute clothes for Aaron for the winter!

Friday, August 21, 2009

GST #67

1) waking up to the smell of fresh baked bread

2) watching Aaron play with his great grandparents

3) Sheetz iced coffee

4) pizza at mom and dad's

5) RAIN!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

GST #66

1) listening to Isaac play his guitar and sing praise and worship songs to Aaron

2) play time with my boys

3) getting to hang out with Shannon for awhile, its been way to long!! about 9 yrs!

4) Aaron giving baby Cheyenne kisses!

5) Aaron chasing a frog saying "turtle"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

GST #65

1) making doughnut holes for the first time

2) being motivated to get laundry and lots of housework done

3) a cute ABC movie to watch while Aaron naps (a little down time in a very busy day)

4) jumper cables!!! needed them twice!

5) being in bed by 10!

Monday, August 17, 2009

GST # 64

1) Aaron making his dog noise , he says "Bruff Bruff" in a deep voice, its so cute!

2) Aaron was "sweeping" this kitchen with his play broom while I was making breakfast and he even picked up the rug by the sink to sweep under it, he is so smart! he amazes me everyday! I am in awe of God's wonderful creation!

3) kissing Aaron's boo boo's (if he hurts himself he will have me kiss it and then find somewhere else on his body that "hurts" and have me kiss that too, it goes on for awhile, lol)

4) so Isaac works nights so during the day if I have to go into the bedroom Aaron normally follows me in and I always tell him "shh..." well today we walked in and Aaron looks at me and puts his finger up to his mouth and goes "shh..."

5) Aaron going into the kitchen then peeking around the corner and saying "boo"

* so todays GST is totally cute things my child did today, what can I say, I love him!

GST # 63

1) my GT express!! love it, it makes the best omelette, and I can make two at once, Aaron and I both ate one this morning, it was so good! :)

2) coloring with Aaron

3) power naps (its amazing what 15 minutes can do)

4) keeping a clean kitchen (ok one of my pet peeves is a messy kitchen, well ours is hardly ever not messy, I cleaned it from top to bottom on Friday and it is still super clean, going to try my best to keep it that way, it feels good)

5) girl time and Aaron playing with other kids from church

Sunday, August 16, 2009

GST #62

1) waking up feeling refreshed even after not getting much sleep, Aaron woke up around 3 , he fell right back to sleep, I was up till 4:30

2) free Chinese food, courtesy of Courtney :)

3) shopping for fabric for SS class with Courtney and Natalie

4) Aaron coming and cuddling with me while I was on the computer

5) watching Aaron put a puzzle together

Saturday, August 15, 2009

GST # 61

1) Isaac and Aaron's 1st pillowfight (it was so cute, Aaron tried using my body pillow at first)

2) Aaron trying to nod his head (he wont even try to say "yes" so we are trying to teach him to nod his head and it is soooo cute)

3) dinner and a movie with Isaac (we need to do that more, date nights are so great, we had so much fun , but we do always miss Aaron a lot!!)

4) successfully making my first pound cake

5) working with Isaac to get housework done, its always more fun when the music is turned up loud and you have some help! :)

GST #60

1) 5 yrs of marriage to my amazing husband, many more to come! :)

2) apples from the farmers market, so good!!

3) a picnic in the park with my boys

4) watching Aaron chase his papa around the park, walking through the park all of us holding hands, and swinging with Isaac (aaron doesnt like the swings so we were trying to get him interested, didnt really work)

5) chai tea!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

GST #59

1) going to consignment sales! didn't spend much $ and got a few cute items for winter for Aaron

2) thirsty thursdays!!! vanilla coke with extra ice

3) time with Julie while her wonderful hubby watched the boys on his day off (thanks Keenon)

4) a great turn out a the meeting for the new Reach service!! It's so great to see people eager to serve!

5) time out seeming to work for discipline method, (dont get me wrong I am not against spanking, I think thats biblical, however it doesnt work for my son, he laughs, so time out it is! :) he goes in his TO chair he sets for a minute or until he stops fussing, we talk about what he did and that Jesus wants him to obey momma and papa and we kiss and hug I tell him I love him and we try to redo the situation and he is getting it, I am so happy!!! lets hope it continues!!)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

GST #58

1) cuddling with Aaron, even if it meant very little sleep (story time: so last night it was 91 in our house so at 10 I decided we were going to go sleep at mom and dad's, I tried to get Aaron to sleep in the pack n play but I think he is just to big for it now so he couldnt get comfortable, so I put him in the bed with me and he just wanted to play, he was so tired it was hilarious! So finally at midnight he flops onto my chest and the next thing I know he is breathing very heavy, he's out! drooling on my neck, lol. So I moved him and he moved right back so I had to wait for about 20 min to try again, finally he just curled up beside me, it was sweet)

2) getting our air fixed by 9:30 am!!!! and it was covered under warranty still, we had a month left. So we only had to pay for an hr of labor, the parts were covered! So even though it was horrible without air for 2 days God's timeing was perfect, as always!

3) watching cartoons with Aaron on Discovery Kids and eating popcorn together, I love cuddle moments!

4) Aaron had dropped some popcorn on the floor so I was about to vaccum and I asked him to get the big pieces and go throw them in the trash ( i didnt know how much of this he would comprehend) and he did exactly what I asked! I am seriously so amazed at how much he is growing and learning!

5) Aaron going right to sleep at 8 in his bed!! (its been a rough few nights without the air, I am glad things are getting back to normal!)

Monday, August 10, 2009

GST #57

1) getting a birthday card from Megan, all the way from Hungary, so sweet!!

2) when Aaron finished his breakfast this morning he said "all done" and was holding his plare out for me to grab!!! I hope this continues, we have been working really hard on getting him to not throw his plate down

3) finding out that our ac warranty dies in a month!!! it stinks that it died but so glad it happened now and not in a few months!

4) a brownie batter blizzard, treat from my brother

5) having parents that live super close so Aaron and I could spend the day there while our air was broke

GST #56

1) waking up to Aaron saying "nose, nose, turtle, TURRRTLE, turtle nose" so cute, even if it was at 5:30

2) getting a 2 hr nap when Isaac got home from work

3) being motivated enough to walk, even though it was in the 90's today

4) dinner and movie with Julie "Julie & Julia" so cute

5) fans!!! on the hottest day of the summer our central air decided to go! ugh... but atleast we have a ceiling fan in the living room and our bedroom and I found a fan in the garage to go in Aarons room (praying someone will get out here tomorrow to fix it)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

GST # 55

1) good laughs, courtesy of Natalie this morning

2) listening to my two boys together, Aaron says "oooooh noooo" A LOT when he is playing with his Papa

3) Aaron taking a 2 hr nap (he isnt a big napper, which is ok cause he sleeps like 12-14 hrs at night, but today he woke up at 6 am so I was praying for a decently long nap, it was about 30 min longer than normal)

4) knowing that God has great things in store for the future of our church

5) laughing really hard with Julie while eating s'mores

Saturday, August 8, 2009

GST # 54

1) Isaac cleaning house with me :) its always nice to have some help in that area

2) having company for dinner

3) new dessert recipes (Blonde Zucchini brownies) yummy!!!

4) cuddling with my baby boy

5) knowing that even when I dont understand God's ways they are good. (Please keep the Truitte family in your prayers)

Friday, August 7, 2009

GST #53

1) Aaron matching up the animal pieces on his leap frog

2) playing with my boys at Jay Dees water park

3) running into friends that I havent seen in over 5 yrs! it was so great catching up

4) seeing Julian play ball with Aaron

5) Aaron eating his first smore

Thursday, August 6, 2009

GST #52

1) waking up feeling motivated to get some stuff done, even after a rough night

2) Isaac running errands while i get some house work done

3) the zuchinni off of our plant providing enough to make 6 loaves of bread!!! yum!

4) Aaron saying "quack quack " when pointing to a duck

5) a great turn out at the first worship practice for Reach!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

GST #51

1) the look of amazement on Aarons face when he learns something new

2) Isaac taking Aaron to his room to get his diaper changed and as they walk down the hall Aaron waves and blows me kisses, soo cute!!

3) hearing how much fun Natalie had at the American Idol concert and her thoughtfulness in getting me Danny's autograph since I couldnt be there

4) tonight when leaving mom and dad's I was telling Aaron to give Pappy a kiss and he was holding a little bear and put the bear up to dad's neck to "kiss" him

5) finally starting to feel better

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

GST #50

1) making it 50 days of Grace in the Small things, it has been such a help to my walk with the Lord

2) Julie being such a great friend and not being upset that we couldnt go to the Idol concert

3) peace in knowing that God has a reason for everything, being sick is never fun, wondering why i had to get sick today instead of tomorrow and miss the American Idol concert does no good, resting in the fact that God has his reasons makes everything great!

4) Aaron taking a sippy that doesnt have a leak proof valve and shaking it so water gets everywhere! he was soaked!!! it was so cute and it was just water so it gave me a good laugh!

5) Isaac being a great husband and not being upset about the money lost from the concert

Monday, August 3, 2009

GST # 49

1) Aaron learning new words, he is at the point where he copies everything!! Yesterday he said "cheetah" and "cracker"

2) choc chip zucchini bread! yummy!

3) coffee to get my morning started!

4) Aaron splashing so hard in the bathtub that the whole bathroom was soaked and making me laugh so hard I cried

5) yummy chicken enchiladas I made for dinner, I love trying new recipes!

GST # 48

this is yesterdays....

1) good Sunday School class, I love our study right now, we are going through the Case for Christ

2) Aaron loving nursery, he still cries when I drop him off but when I get there he is just playing away and doesnt want to leave

3) working with 4's & 5's in chapel, yes I was exhausted after having 4's all week for VBS but its such a blessing to be used by the Lord

4) celebrating Jen's b-day and the fact that she was actually surprised by the surprise party!

5) a good business meeting at church!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

GST #47

1) sitting outside with my boys in the morning

2) waking up to a clean kitchen, my hubby is great!!

3) playing a friendly game of cards with Keenon and Julie (and Isaac)

4) watching Aaron & Kasen play together (it never gets old, they are so cute together)

5) getting Aaron in bed at 8 for the first time this week (he normally goes right to sleep but hes been in bed now for 10 min and still fighting it, hes been up late all week because of VBS so I think he is a little out of sorts tonight)

(movie night with Isaac, going to get the popcorn ready now)