Friday, November 13, 2009

GST #150

1) a much better morning with Aaron

2) egg salad for lunch with my guys

3) coloring with Aaron, he was coloring in his YO Gabba Gabba coloring book and he was coloring Muno and he says "be right back Muno" and turns the page, it was adorable

4) Aaron and I had to go out to get some stuff for my lovely colonoscopy I am having done on Monday and we had just got out of the store and he was in his car seat and I was getting something out of the backseat and he tapped me and I said "what buddy" and he said "ug, mama" and gave me the biggest hug! I love him so much!!!

5) Isaac, Aaron & i getting a visit in at mom and dad's (my brother bought Aaron 3 Elmo dvd's one is called "Elmo's countdown to Christmas" so we watched that, it was super cute and Aaron loved it! "

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