Monday, October 26, 2009

GST #133

1) so I went back to the bedrooms to get our laundry and I come out into the kitchen and Aaron is sitting at the table eating a fortune cookie, he sees me and he bows his head and then looks up at me and says "a men" and continues to eat! it was the cutest thing ever!

2) waking up without a headache after 3 days of having one

3) a visit from the Raines ladies :) (watching cate and chloe playing with Aaron is priceless for me thinking that 12 yrs ago I started watching them, crazy how time goes by so quickly)

4) getting laundry accomplished

5) we had breakfast for dinner and Aaron finished his sausage and fruit and about 1/2 of his pancake and he wanted more sausage and I said "no, you need to finish your pancake" and he tilted his head and said "peAse" it was so cute and funny, and he did get more sausage (but he still had to finish that pancake first)

*Brownies and Say yes to the dress with kasie

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