Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Eve's Addiction Review & Giveaway

    The weather is quickly getting cool in my neighborhood, which always makes me think of Christmas which is quickly approaching.  One of my go to Christmas gifts for the special ladies in my life is jewelry. I love accessorizing as do most women, so I feel its always a safe choice.

    I was recently introduced to Eve's Addiction, which has some stunning pieces. Eve's Addiction began as an online jewelry and gifts store. Today they offer personalized pieces and so much more. I was excited to see that not only do they have beautiful pieces for ladies but also for little girls.

   When it comes to jewelry I always gravitate to earrings, but I knew I wanted to try and find coordinating pieces for Sweet Pea & I. She doesn't have her ears pierced yet, so necklaces seemed the way to go. I found a beautiful cross necklace for myself and a precious dainty version in the little girls section.  I also found a cute Tinkerbell necklace for her & I couldn't believe that I still had some shopping money left. I went off to find a pair of earrings and found a cute pair of leaf earrings, perfect for fall.

   I was so excited while I waited for our pieces to arrive, but I have to admit I was also a bit nervous that I would be greeted with some cheaply made pieces. After all , I was about to receive 4 pieces for $100. 

    I couldn't believe how quickly the items arrived, just a couple days later our package arrived. Each piece was in a cute little box and the earrings came in a little blue bag. The packaging makes for easy gift giving. When I opened up the boxes I was amazed at just how beautiful each piece was.

    Sweet Pea was so excited to see her Tinkerbell necklace and couldn't wait to wear it. It is absolutely the perfect size for her and gives just a little bit of shimmer. 

     A few days after our items arrived Sweet Pea & I were going out for some Mommy & Me time, she was so excited to see our matching necklaces. She got so many compliments on hers and would say "my mommy has a matching one". It was so precious!

     We love every piece of jewelry we received from Eve's Addiction. With their amazing prices and stunning pieces you are guaranteed to find some great gifts for the upcoming holiday season.  One of you will win a $75 gift code to use on their website. Please fill out the entry form below for your chance to win. This giveaway will end on Wednesday Oct. 21st, Good Luck!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Breast Cancer Awareness & Plexus

     If you have been a long time follower of mine, you may remember that a little over 4 years ago my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Praise the Lord it was caught early and she went through with a mastectomy and is doing amazingly well today.  Early detection is key, so I am so excited over this great deal that is being offered by Plexus this month because it may just save the life of someone you love or yourself!

     Did you know Plexus started as a breast health company? Our very first product was our Breast Chek Self-Examination Kit. It's a device that magnifies your touch sensory, increasing the chance of early detection. We all know how important early detection is!
This month, Plexus is offering a BOGO deal on Breast Chek kits!! This means that you can get one and share one with a friend!! What better gift than the gift of early detection?! On top of that, Plexus is donating 5% of sales on Breast Chek kits to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer!!‪#‎breastcancerawareness‬ ‪#‎earlydetection‬ ‪#‎bogo‬

   If you have any questions regarding Plexus feel free to send me an email

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

RoomLookz Review and Giveaway

     Can you believe that Christmas is less than 3 months away? I'm not quite sure where the year has gone..but I know many of us are probably in the midst of looking for the perfect Christmas gifts. Some people in our lives are incredibly easy to buy for, while others leave us wanting to just reach for the nearest gift card and call it good. 

   All of our kids are still pretty young, so they are rather easy to buy for. However, I vividly remember the years where my mom told me she should just give me money to buy my own gifts. She would buy me clothes, only to have me not like the style & beyond that I didn't really offer many ideas. If you have a girl in the tween age range, RoomLookz has you covered this Christmas season.

   Room Lookz is the tween bedroom "community" by the stylish trendsetters of LockerLookz.  Tween girls tend to start spending more time than ever before in their bedroom, so why not take their room from drab to fab as your little girl transitions into a teen? I may have just got a little teary eyed with that thought & Sweet Pea is only 3! 

    All girls take great pride in how their bedroom is decorated, it's where they'll spend hours hanging out with friends and making lots of memories. RoomLookz gives you the chance to give them a room they'll love at a great price! You can even check out the Design a Room tool on their website to choose the perfect items for your girl. 

    Even though Sweet Pea isn't near a tween , we were excited to add some pop to her bedroom. She loves pink so I knew the pink tabletop lamp would be a hit with her! We also chose some storage items and a dry erase board.  The items arrived quickly and I was so impressed with the quality of each piece.


     Sweet Pea loves the pink that these items add to her room & she loves that at night she can walk infront of her lamp and it turns on. I love that it gives just enough light to act as a "night-light" and that it will automatically turn off.

         You can check out all of the other great products RoomLookz has to offer on their website. You'll find everything from tape dispensers to wall paper. One of you will win your choice of one accessory valued over $19.99 (lamp, wallpaper , candy dispenser...) and one other accessory (mirror, caddy, dry erase board...). subject to availability 

    Please fill out the entry form below for your chance to win. This giveaway will end on Thursday October 15th. 

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Take Charge of your Health this Fall

    Chance is you know someone who sells or uses Plexus. Maybe you've heard them talk about how much they LOVE their pink drink. I used to think those people were crazy , until I joined them. 

   Plexus has changed my life and I am eager to share the benefits with others. Let me tell you real quick what Plexus has done for me over the past 2 1/2 months:

  •    no more daily headaches (this is by far the hugest benefit for me, I didn't realize how much my headaches were affecting my life until for 2 weeks straight my daughter would ask me "mommy, does your head hurt" and I could tell her no!)
  •    no more restless legs
  •    no more tossing and turning at night
  •    when a kid wakes in the middle of the night I'm able to easily fall back asleep
  •    the yeast rash that I had in random places on my body for the past 3 years has cleared up
  •    no more mid afternoon energy crash
  •    sugar cravings are greatly minimized
  •    I now only drink coffee when I want it...not to help me function
  •    milk supply has increased
  •    regular bowel movements 
  •    down to my pre-pregnancy weight ( I was stuck at 10lbs above before Plexus)
  •   clearer skin and stronger nails

   That's real life folks, we've all got some nasty issues going on and the key is good gut health. Plexus gives you that! So , how about getting healthy and energized naturally just in time for the Holiday's?

  *** I use BioCleanse, ProBio5, MegaX and XFactor ... I also used Slim for 2 months***

    Email me today for details on a Fall Special that I am offering to my new customers! 

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Encourage Education Through Play

Encourage Education through Play: How To

While you’ve been nurturing your kids with home-based learning and play ahead of their first year at school, it can be hard to hand them over to their teachers. While some parents will love the free time the new school term affords them, others might feel helpless that they can’t do more.

But whether your child’s a baby, toddler or they’ve just started reception, there are plenty of things you can introduce to help encourage education away from school. After all, anything you can do above and beyond what they’re already learning between 9am and 3pm is surely a bonus. Just don’t overdo it; educational play may be great, but sometimes your child just needs time out to relax, too.

That said, there are a few options for you if you’re looking to gently introduce some learning-based games here and there. Read on…

Try Sensory Play

For toddlers, sensory play is a great idea! Often used for the visually-impaired, it’s a great idea for any child. Small children, particularly babies and toddlers, develop much of their overall learning by simply touching things. Babies love to discover objects – toys, items around the home and even clothing – by learning how they taste or feel. So here’s a funand easy idea for toddlers. This blog is an absolute hub for all things parenting, actually – and this particular piece is no exception. The site’s author talks about how important sensory play was for her own child, and this tutorial – for simple rainbow spaghetti – is so easy to follow. Using spaghetti and some child-safe food colouring, she creates a not-too-messy sensory experience from multi-coloured pasta. It may not seem like much, but just giving your little one chance to discover items with differing textures, can bring on a whole host of skills and traits - give it a go! Of course, there are loads of other ideas for sensory play, too. Traditional sandpits are a good idea; the ones which feature a compartment for water can be bought cheaply on the high street, or you can create your own with some leak-proof plastic storage boxes.

Maths Doesn’t Have to be Boring – While some kids excel when it comes to numbers, others find them much more difficult to grasp. But there are plenty of ways you can encourage an interest in maths – and we’re about to let you in on some of them. The traditional board game, Snakes and Ladders, is ideal to help kids count. The same goes for games like Ludo, which encourages little ones to add up spaces as they move from one place on the board to the next. Board games like this – especially when played as a group – also help develop skills like patience; kids rarely like waiting for their next turn, but they’ll soon learn that they have to if they’re to enjoy a good family game.

How About Memory Games? – Memory games like Snap are ideal for keeping your child’s mind active. Again, these can be picked up relatively easily – from the high street or on sites like Amazon. If you have the time and the materials, you could even make your own memory games cheaply from home. Or take a look online for similar ideas. Not only will games like Snap improve a child’s memory, they’ll also help smaller kids get to grips with taking their turn, or recognising the items drawn or printed on the cards.

Top tip: Take a look at Parent Guide for more parenting tips when it comes to the best ways to encourage kids to play nicely while enjoying an educational-based game.

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                *This is a guest post that I was compensated monetarily to post on my site*