Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fighting Sickness Naturally

 This winter has been a bit scary in our home. As a mom of little one's I dread "sick season" , you know the time I'm talking about. It's normally November through March where so many people are coming down with nasty colds, strep or the flu. When you have kids it seems to linger even longer because each sickness is bound to make it's way through the whole family..maybe more than once. This winter , at the end of December, we welcomed baby 4...right in the middle of sick season! 

   I'll be honest, it terrified me! We have never had a new baby during this time of year and I was really worried about this little one catching something. So, first and foremost Hubs & I decided we would venture out of the home as little as possible during the first couple of months of our new lil guys life. I know that may be extreme for most families, and we won't be doing it was a hard time period being more secluded than normal..but definitely worth keeping the new lil guy healthy.

  However there were some parts of life that needed to remain "normal" , Hubs had to go to work , I had to do grocery shopping, our parents came to visit, I had a couple evenings out with my closest gal pal & Hubs had some guy time ; which meant we were still exposed to germs. So, how did we keep everyone healthy this winter??

   1- Elderberry Syrup : We use elderberry every winter, and it does a great job at keeping a lot of illnesses away. The last time any of us had a bad stomach virus was in 2011 & we weren't taking elderberry at this time. We do tend to get nasty colds during the Spring months & it is usually after we stop taking this. For some reason I always feel "sick season" is over so we can stop using it...however this year we will continue, at least a couple times a week. 
  I purchase this one from Vitacost , it seems to be the best price around & if you spend $50 you get free shipping. So I usually stock up on a few things. You can also make your own Elderberry syrup, I just haven't ventured there yet.

 I've also been told that 100% grape juice works the same way. That has been the only juice we've bought over the past few months & the kids usually drink a cup a day.

 2 - Essential Oils : Over the past 2-3 years I have fallen in love with essential oils. We have found them incredibly beneficial for things like headaches, muscle aches, focus and more! This winter if we have company over, or we've been out & about I will diffuse my Purify & Lemon oils. We also put a little Purify on our home air filters this year.

 3 - The Miracle Drink:  So, when I was pregnant I had horrid heartburn, nothing was working so I began looking for "natural remedies". I saw that Apple Cider Vinegar could help...desperate I tried it & it worked! Then I started reading about all the other ways ACV can be beneficial to your health.
    That is when I stumbled upon what I call the 'Miracle Drink' . Whenever Hubs and I get sick, like 'ugh, I feel miserable' sick, it always begins with a sore throat. So , I knew this drink would come in handy. It says , every time you feel a sore throat coming on you should consume this drink & you'll feel better in the hour! Honestly I was doubtful, but I thought 'what do I have to lose?'

    2 Tbls Lemon Juice, 2 Tbls ACV , 2 Tbls Honey, a dash of cinnamon in hot water. The first time I gave it a try I couldn't believe that I did actually feel better very quickly & it never progressed into something more...but maybe it was just a fluke. After the 3rd time of this happening I was sold...but could I convince anyone else that it really was that simple? 

the cinnamon will continue to float to the
top, so I keep a spoon in my cup & stir as
I drink it.
   My in-laws flew in for a visit when lil guy was about a month old & Hubs started complaining about feeling a bit run down & sick. So I made this drink for him & myself , ya know..just incase , and he then was sold too! He has asked me to make it for him a couple times since & he always says how much better he feels immediately after. 

  4- Humidifier : Since having kids we have had humidifiers in their rooms, but we only use them when they are sick. We never thought to use them to prevent illness...well this winter we've had one in our hallway which is right by our bedroom , one in the kids bedrooms and one in our main living area. We have them constantly running & can really tell a difference in our air quality.

  5 - Tackle Germs: When we do go out , we obviously can't avoid germs. But we can do our best to limit them. I carry antibacterial wipes with me everywhere, I always wipe my cart before using it & then I wipe my hands & the kids when we leave the store.

   This year we also maybe went overboard...but it's worked for us. Whenever we come home from somewhere, Hubs from work, me from the grocery store, the kids and us from eating out...we bathe/shower and change our clothes immediately. 

  I don't know if any one of these alone would have kept us so healthy this winter..but together we have felt amazing!  

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Lucky Baby World Review

  Being a parent is full of learning experiences. We quickly learn what our kids need & what they can get by without. We also learn the things that make our lives as parents easier. Lucky Baby is a company that takes the comfort & safety of babies very seriously, while making things easier for parents.

  Lucky Baby World's product line mostly consists of baby carriers, but they have other fabulous products as well. They recently launched a couple new products including the Kurumi Ket. The Kurumi Ket is a multi-use baby carrier cover. We own a carrier cover, but this is so unique!

  So, how can you use the Kurumi Ket? 
- baby carrier cover
- nursing cover
- stroller cover
- poncho
- blankie

   When I first heard about this product I knew it would be hugely beneficial for our family. Our sweet baby is the first "winter baby" we've had. The warm & comfortable fleece fabric is perfect for these cooler months. 
  We actually haven't gone out with the baby, being flu season we're keeping him in...but I was really excited for the poncho feature. It is so hard taking kids out during the cold winter months. Putting the coats on to get to the car, then taking them off to buckle them in their car seats & putting them back's tiring. I knew the poncho would be great for keeping Sweet Pea (2 years old) warm on the way to the car and we wouldn't need to take it off to keep her safe in her car seat. 

  Sweet Pea loves the coziness of the Kurumi Ket poncho. She was so excited to wear it to the grocery store with her daddy (don't you love her outfit...I'm not sure if she dressed herself or if Hubs did it, ha ha). When they returned home she didn't want to take it off, she loves wearing it around the house.

   While we haven't gone out with lil guy yet, we have gone on a few walks & the Kurumi Ket has been perfect for these outings. I usually wear the babe, and would normally end up wearing Hubs coat and wrapping it around us both OR trying to hold a blanket over him. The baby carrier cover option works so much better! 

  I love the Kurmi Ket and all it offers. You can purchase your own , in your choice of 3 colors , from Amazon for $49.99 Use the code 9BEG9C99 for 20% off! Discount code good now through March 13th, 2015.

Be sure to follow Lucky Baby World on Facebook & Twitter to keep up with the latest!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Veggie Tales - Noah's Ark Review & Giveaway

 By now, you probably know that we are huge fan's of Veggie Tales. We get so excited every time we hear about a new movie being released. Honestly, I'm not sure who gets more excited ; the kids or Hubs & I. 

  The creators of Veggie Tales never fail to provide laughs for kids & adults alike. Most importantly a Biblical truth is always at the center of the movie. I can't think of a better way to spend a family movie night. Full of laughter and learning more about living a life that is pleasing to the Lord.

 Noah's Ark is probably one of the most well known Bible Stories, so we were thrilled that there is finally a Veggies Tales movie based around it. If you're familiar with Veggie Tales, then you know the movies begin with Bob & Larry reading a letter from a child with a problem..then the movie gives a moral that  focuses around the issue at hand.

  Noah's Ark begins with a letter from a little boy whose mom just came home from the hospital with a baby sister, when the boy really wanted a baby brother. This was very relative in our home right now. We just welcomed baby #4, 2 months ago, we decided to wait to find out the gender & Buddy (our oldest who is 6) really wanted another baby sister. He thought it would only be right that we have 2 boys & 2 girls. When Hubs & I called to let him know that he had another baby brother, he got quiet and we later learned he cried. This was heartbreaking for me, but Hubs &  I tried to reassure him that God knows what is best for our family. This is exactly what Bob & Larry relay through the movie.

   Noah knows that God has a plan, even though it may not make sense. His son Shem , who is voiced by Wayne Brady, has a very hard time understanding Noah's devotion to God. Throughout the movie he learns that trusting God isn't always easy, but so important because God has the perfect plan.

    My kids absolutely loved this movie! It may be their favorite Veggie Tales , I put it in one evening while I cleaned up from dinner & there was complete silence during the entire movie...then they watched it again! They tried for a 3rd time, but it was bed time.

   This movie will be available to purchase on Tuesday, March 3rd. One of you will win a DVD copy of your own. Please fill out the entry form below for your chance to win. This giveaway will end on Wednesday March 11th. Good Luck.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ikiki Shoes Review & Giveaway Ikikii

   I, like most women have a great love for shoes. Not only do I like buying them for myself, I love finding the perfect pair for my kiddos. About a year and 1/2 ago we were introduced to the brand Yochi Yochi & their awesome shoes for toddlers. You can read that review here. Since that time the brand has changed its name to Ikiki & they have revamped things a little bit. 

  Ikiki are awesome shoes for toddlers with little squeakers inside. Every step produces a squeak. If you read my previous review, you would know that we quickly fell in love with these shoes. However, my complaint was that after a while the squeaker would get rather annoying. I also wouldn't let Lil Stinker wear these shoes around the house because he was bound to wake up his little sister. Thankfully this complaint has been heard & fixed!!! 

   The Ikiki shoes now feature an adjustable squeaker that turns on & off with the flip of a switch on the side of the sole. The shoes also offer soft, breathable materials for a comfortable & roomy fit. The shoe is also sort of a high top style giving your little one great ankle support, & the colors on the soles make it easy to know what foot to place it on.

  The shoe styles have also changed a bit. Lil Stinker's squeaky shoes were little froggies & they now fit Sweet Pea...but the froggies are a little boyish ;-) So I was thrilled to see the Chairman Meow style, Sweet Pea LOVES much that she often goes around the house "meowing" so I knew she would love these. They fit her perfectly & they have become her favorite shoes to wear..I LOVE having the option of turning the squeaker on & off. With a new baby in the house I definitely don't want her going around with squeaky shoes all the time. 


     Ikiki also now offers baby booties, in sizes 0-6 months or 6-12 months. We received the Mr. Barkles in size 6-12 months for our newest lil guy. Obviously these are too big for him now..but I can't wait to get them on him in the fall. They are adorable!

   The booties are made of soft breathable materials offering a comfy fit for your little one. They also feature a gentle elastic around the ankle ensuring the booties stay on.

   You can purchase the shoes or booties directly on the Ikiki website. One of you will win your choice of either a pair of shoes or booties in your preferred design. Please fill out the entry form for your chance to win. This giveaway will end on Tuesday 3/3, Good Luck.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

babyroues Letour Duet Giveaway

duet giveaway-1

Welcome to the babyroues Letour Duet Giveaway

We've teamed up with We're Parents!? and other bloggers for this is the FIRST ever giveaway of the BRAND NEW babyroues Letour Duet and we are excited to be apart of it!

Sponsored by babyroues

babyroues has over 30 years of experience manufacturing baby strollers, always looking for the newest innovations to meet customers needs. They are dedicated to coming out with technological advances for both mom and baby’s comfort. This year they proudly announced their first tandem stroller, the Letour Duet.

letour duet options

We know that getting out with the kids can be a little difficult. Especially when you have more than one who are in need of a stroller to make outings more enjoyable. The new Letour Duet from babyroues looks incredibly helpful!

The Duet is a deluxe and versatile double stroller that can be used as either a single stroller or a double stroller. With multiple options, both seats can either face each other, both face forward, or both face the parent. Seats have comfort padding and both fully recline for the best comfort experience. With the purchase of a carseat adapter, a car seat can be used with one of the seats.
Other Features of the babyroues Letour Duet:

  • Each seat holds up to a 40lb child
  • Removable front bumpers
  • Adjustable Handles
  • 4 position recline seat
  • 2 year warranty for manufacture's defect. Free spare parts for life of stroller.
The Letour Duet tandem stroller retails for $599 and
currently comes in either black or teal.
Price includes 2 separate canopies, 2 foot covers, and 2 raincovers.


One lucky winner will receive their choice of either a black or teal Letour Duet. Open to US ONLY. Must be 18 and up to enter. Void where prohibited. One entry per household/IP Address/Name. Winner subject to verification. Winner has 48 hours to respond to e-mail or a new winner will be chosen. Giveaway runs from 2/13/15 at 12am EST to 2/27/15 at 1am EST.

Disclosure: We're Parents!? received monetary compensation for the creation and set-up of this giveaway. This blog did not receive any products or monetary compensation for this giveaway post or the promotion surrounding the giveaway. We're Parents!? and participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment. Prize shipped directly from babyroues. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, and any other social media are not affiliated with this posting or giveaway. This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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