Thursday, September 18, 2014

Skin Authority Review & Giveaway

  When it comes to skin care, I honestly don't really know where to begin. I know that I want a simple routine and something that works, but finding those items can be hard for me.  Growing up I had such difficult skin, from ages 14-18 I struggled with extremely oily skin & acne. Thankfully as I've gotten older, my skin has gotten better but those years left some problems behind.

  I have some scarring on my face & some uneven skin tones that really bother me. My skin isn't near as oily as it used to be, but my pores are large and annoying :-/ My breakouts are fewer , but this pregnancy has been a little unkind to my skin. So with these problems, I need some good skincare products. However with 3 kiddos I don't have a lot of time to devote to getting myself ready in the mornings & at night I just want to crash.

   So, I've searched for the perfect products and a simple routine & I've never been completely satisfied. What if I could just tell someone all of my problems, what I was looking for & they'd set me up with the perfect items for me. Well, that is exactly what I was able to do recently.

  Skin Authority is a prestige skin care line chosen by beauty experts & celebrities for skin care products that give immediate and long lasting results. Not only does Skin Authority offer great products, they give expert skin care coaching. I shared with my skin coach all about my "skin issues" and answered a few questions that she asked, including the fact that I'm pregnant and then she found the best products for me!

 I was sent the following products:

 For my morning routine:
 - Exfoliating Cleanser ($42): this cleansing and hydrating formula uses natural pumice and exfoliators derived from sugar cane to remove dead skin cells and calluses on the toughest parts of the body. Skin feels smooth, soft & revitalized. Excellent for treatment of acne or flaky skin.
Sunscreen Moisturizer ($42): Provides broad band spectrum SPF 30 protection, it features the exclusive AOX technology boost that combines essential vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids to help skin regenerate and renew.

For my night time routine:
 - Exfoliating Cleanser
 - Brightening Serum ($65): All natural spot suppressors in a lightweight serum work with powerful oligo peptides and gentle exfoliators to even out skin tone, erase dark spots and smooth texture for skin that is absolutely luminous. 
 - Tri-Power Peptide Hydrator ($36-$88.50): Lightweight formulation of advanced peptides and neuropeptides at low PH, helps firm , tone , smooth, lift and brighten skin reducing the appearance of fine lines, spots, and discoloration. Combines intense hydration with the anti aging benefits of peptides, vitamins A, B, C & E to help hydrate and nourish the skin, promoting healthy cell growth.

  For special occasions:
 -Calming Mask ($52): Aromatic, clarifying mask helps exfoliate , clear pores, dry blemishes and calm inflammation. Ideal as an all over mask or to spot treat.

 I have been using these products daily for about 2 weeks now & am in love! My skin feels & looks amazing. I am still in awe of how soft my skin is when I go to put my makeup on in the mornings. I've also had very few breakouts since using my Skin Authority products, which is amazing for this pregnancy. Not only are these products working amazingly well, they are lightweight and feel great on my skin & I'm never left oily. 

  I had honestly said to Hubs before the products arrived "I hope I don't LOVE them, they're a little more expensive than I would usually spend." , well I LOVE them. The great thing is a little goes a long way. With each of these items I can use a pea size amount and get great results. So, even though they are a little pricey , they last a long time giving you more than your money's worth. 

A fast & effective skin routine offers
a glowing look, while giving me time
for all of the important things in life.

   You can check out each of these products in more detail directly on the Skin Authority website. Need a little help on finding your perfect products? You can request a skin coach by following this link. One of you will win a Tri-Power Peptide Hydrator , please fill out the entry form below. This giveaway will end on Thursday 10/2, Good Luck.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lugu Lake Review & Giveaway

 You may find this odd, especially for a stay at home mom of 3; but I am not one for silence. Don't get me wrong, I like "me time" and moments where my kids aren't yelling...but quiet, I just don't long for it.  So , when I'm in the kitchen cooking or in the shower I love to have music playing...even when we are outdoors I carry my phone out and turn on Pandora. 

  The only problem I ever run into is that my phone doesn't really give a great sound. It's fine for when I'm in the kitchen alone..but when the shower is running, or the kids are playing outside and I want to listen to my favorite music, it can be hard to hear. 

  Recently I was introduced to a great speaker that has solved all of my listening problems. Lugu Lake was founded in 2010 and deals with electronic products, household products & outdoor products.  We received the Lugu Lake Portable Bluetooth Speaker, this wireless Bluetooth speaker with stand function is perfect for watching movies, listening to music or playing games.

  When our Lugu Lake product arrived I was immediately impressed with the look of it. It is very sleek and the size is perfect for wherever you want to tune in. Hubs was as excited to try this out as I was, so he started charging it right away. The next day while I was making breakfast I decided to use the speaker along with my phone. I was really impressed with the quality of the sound.

   Over the past few weeks I have used the Lugu Lake with my phone, iPad and our laptop. It has been so great with every device. I love the ease of use, it literally takes seconds to get going and is the perfect device for wherever we go. This would even be perfect to take with you on camping trips!

   I would definitely recommend the Lugu Lake speaker if you're one who loves to listen to music, with a great clear sound. You can purchase it in a variety of colors for just $89.99 (right now $39.99) on Amazon. One of you will win one of your own, please fill out the entry form below for your chance to win. This giveaway will end on Tuesday 9/30, good luck!

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Monday, September 15, 2014

ezpz Happy Mat Review - Kickstarter

 Several months ago I was complaining to Hubs about how often I have to sweep the kitchen floor...seriously it's after EVERY meal. I couldn't figure out why it was so bad, I NEVER had to sweep so often when Buddy was little. Then it dawned on me...we had a dog then :-/ The dog was my automatic sweeper. 

   After deciding that no, I definitely am not ready for another dog; I knew I needed another way to keep the mess off the floor. However, I couldn't find the solution so I gave into sweeping several times a day. Exhausting...absolutely exhausting...

  Thankfully another mom who understood this same problem came to my rescue. Lindsay is from Colorado & she invented the ezpz Less Mess Happy Mat. The Less Mess Happy Mat is a one piece silicone placemat and plate that suctions to the table to capture every morsel of your mealtime mess. The mats are FDA approved, BPA, PVC and Phthalate free. Not only are these mats safe for kiddos, their easy & convenient for parents, because they are dishwasher and microwave safe.

   We were sent two Happy Mats, one blue & one pink, perfect for my youngest two. They went crazy as soon as they saw these plate/mats. was like 8:00 at night, they were heading to bed and I pulled them out of the box....they then wanted to eat something immediately! I assured them that the plates would still be there in the morning when they woke up AND they would be clean & ready to use.

  When breakfast time came they were asking about their new plates. I filled the individual slots with their meal & passed out their plates. They were so excited over the fun "smiley face" look and the bright colors. Those things are great & appealing to kids...but for this mom, I LOVE:

  • the individual wells that help make sure your kiddo is getting a balanced meal
  • the deep edges, perfect for messier meals
  • suction to help keep the mat in place
  • sturdiness of the dish allows me to stack and carry 
  It's safe to say that the Happy Mats are a hit in our home! Even Hubs loves them. The other morning at breakfast the kids were just eating some baked oatmeal...a one dish meal, but after two dishes falling to the floor I quickly grabbed the Happy Mats...they are now used at EVERY meal for the kids! Meal time is so much easier & cleaner. 

   Right now you can find Happy Mats on Kickstarter, they need your help getting launched! Trust me, this is one product your house needs if you have little one's! For a backing of $25 you can get one Happy Mat of your own. 

   Be sure to follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook to keep up on the latest!

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Friday, September 12, 2014

eitech Review & Giveaway

   When it comes to kids, there seem to be a few things that are simply ingrained in them from the beginning. With my boys, especially Buddy , one of those things has always been a love to create. I can say he honestly gets this from his daddy. Hubs is always constructing things, or fixing items that are broken. Buddy has simply followed suit, I remember him around the age of 18 months with his first "tool set" , tongue out as he hammered away. Not much has changed.....

  At the age of 6 Buddy still loves to construct, so when I heard about the company Eitech I knew immediately that these were items that he would just love. Eitech is a company from Germany that offers a variety of stainless steel construction sets for budding builders of all different skill levels. 

  All of the intricate parts are interchangeable with all Eitech sets, allowing both children & adults to let their imaginations run wild! Sets can come with as few as 100 pieces or up to 1,000 pieces. Allowing you to build everything from cars to the Eiffel Tower. 

  We received the Basic Robot Construction Set ($39.99), this set includes 120 pieces including flashing LED lights adding to the fun. The set comes with enough pieces and directions to build two unique robots. 

  I sat down with Buddy to start building, and I was honestly overwhelmed with the directions...they made no sense to me at all. However , I'm not a builder so it could just be how my mind works with these things.

  So I called on Hubs to take my place. Him & Buddy sat down to get to work, and were able to figure things out much easier than I was.  There were quite a few steps and some small pieces, so at the age of 6 Buddy couldn't do much of the work. Hubs did the constructing while Buddy found the pieces that were needed. 

  The Eitech sets are geared for kids 8 and up, I'm honestly not sure that at 8 a child could build these alone. However, with some help they could definitely assemble and enjoy their masterpiece. My kiddos love the completed Robot and his light up eyes. 

  You can purchase the Robot set on Eitech, be sure to check out all other sets on the Eitech Website. One of you will win your choice of either the Robot, Eiffel TowerTrail Bike or Train. Please fill out the entry form below for your chance to win. This giveaway will end on Friday 9/26, Good Luck.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Spin Master Review & Giveaway

  Many of you know that we had the opportunity to attend Blogger Bash in NYC about 2 months ago. While we were there we met many great brands, and one that we fell in love with was Spin Master. This is a company that was founded in 1994 and has an amazing line of products, offering fun for kids of all ages. 

   We received a great box of products from Spin Master that made all 3 of our kiddos happy. The first item we received was a fun How to Train your Dragon 2: Berk Island Bath set. My kids were super excited to start playing with this toy, it was the perfect item for our family..for a few reasons.
  1- My kiddos LOVE bath time, so anything they can take into the tub is a huge hit.
  2- We had just gone to the Drive In to see the movie, so they were excited to play with the characters.

  The How to Train your Dragon bath set comes with a Viking Ship for Hiccup to ride in, a squirt & float Toothless and a fun scene including slide that suctions to your bath tub. The ship can be filled with water and then your child can pour it on the "scene" to make the windmill turn or to provide some water on the slide for Hiccup to ride on. This provided so much fun for my little one's.

  Next we received the Slushy Maker and Ice Cream Maker from Chill Factor. Our 6 year old was super excited for these items. He loves being in the kitchen with me, so giving him the chance to make some delicious cool treats on a warm Summer Day was perfect.

  We used the slushy maker first, after it was in the freezer for about 5 hours we were ready to go. Buddy then grabbed his favorite juice from the fridge and filled the slushy cup, I put the lid on for him & he began squeezing the cup. After about 30 seconds, he was done so I took over for him ;-) In about 30 more seconds we had a yummy fruity slushy ready to drink. All 3 kiddos wanted in on the treat, thankfully there was enough to go around ;-)

  They all enjoyed this treat and couldn't wait to wash it up , so they could refreeze & make again. We were just as happy with the Ice Cream Maker, it takes a little longer to create than the Slushy..but in just a few minutes and with a couple simple ingredients you can have delicious homemade ice cream.

  You can find all of these products on Amazon and one of you will win your own Slushy Maker & Ice Cream Maker. Please fill out the entry form below for your chance to win, this giveaway will end on Thursday 9/25. Good Luck.

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